An amazing rescue

Dear Editor:

One year ago yesterday, I was at the center of an amazing rescue.

While driving on Hwy. 65 between Braham and Stanchfield, I went into cardiac arrest. Someone upstairs was watching out for me, as I drove into the ditch instead of oncoming traffic. A young man whose name I still don’t know, called 911. The people at the 911 call center were amazing, coordinating the rescue effort. On scene, Deputy Sean Connolly took charge giving me C.P.R. and using the A.E.D. I am so thankful to all those that helped out that day. Without their help, I would not be able to tell this story.

In January of this year, I was privileged to be a guest at an awards banquet, put on by the Isanti County Law Enforcement Association. During the event, people insisted I was a hero, when in fact, they are the heroes. Not just law enforcement, but 911 operators, firemen and ambulance and rescue personnel. You people are the true heroes, not just in my case, but each and every time you answer the call.

I would also like to thank the people at Abbott Northwest Hospital for excellent care I received while there. Also, hats off to the folks at Cambridge Medical Center and Dr. Robert Callen for the excellent care I have received there prior to and after my death experience. We are fortunate to have such a fine institution in Cambridge.

There are people also that I would like to thank for their help and support during the last year. Orrin and Phyllis for transportation, Bill Allanson for being such a great friend, my neighbors Gary and Steve Westerberg, my landlords LeRoy and Linda Templin for their friendship, patience and understanding; Jim Armstrong for the repairs on the house, Dwight Kirby for his attempts at organizing a benefits, Dawn Blazevic for the gift of food, Karen Norling, Larry Southerland, Loren and Peggy Davis and their staff at the Cambridge Bar & Grill, Ron Nelson and the staff at Sidelines for making my birthday one of the best I have ever had. I would also like to thank everyone who signed the cards and gave words of encouragement. Last but certainly not least, Linda Olson for the countless hours spent at the hospital with me and care given to me at home. I’m sure that I missed a person or several, please understand it is great to have all of the help and support, but difficult to keep track of every. Once again, thank you.

Kent Tufvander