New business in Cambridge offers healthy meal replacement option

By Elizabeth Sias

Cambridge area residents now have a new, unique option in town to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A local couple opened up a new shop in the Village Mall near Walmart in Cambridge called Energy Rev, which sells nutritional protein shakes and herbal tea.

Energy Rev owner Cory Magnuson whips up a shake. Energy Rev can be reached at 763-442-3998. Photos by Elizabeth Sias

Using a product line called Herbalife, the meal replacement shakes range from 200 to 300 calories each and are packed with protein and healthy vitamins and minerals.

Cory Magnuson and Ashley Schleper of Isanti opened Energy Rev in September.

They currently offer over 50 flavors of shakes—ranging from Orange Julius to Wedding Cake to Oreo Blast—with more added every week.

Magnuson estimates they’ll have over 100 flavors by Thanksgiving.

There are eight flavors of herbal tea, and adding an optional shot of aloe boosts digestive and intestinal health.

Energy Rev also offers wellness assessments, weight loss challenges, personal wellness coaching and a full line of supplements, including protein bars, natural energy drinks, protein shake mix and multivitamins.

“We want to be a hub for anyone that’s interested in fitness or wellness, or looking to lose weight or maintain weight,” Magnuson said. “We want to do a broad range of things here.”

The shop has open floor space in front of the counter, and Magnuson said he’s open to offering the space for yoga classes or other fitness classes.

“We’re always open to new ideas, too,” he added.

Owners Cory Magnuson and Ashley Schleper.

Magnuson and Schleper have been together for over four years and are currently engaged. They bought a house together in Isanti about a year ago, and chose the area to live and start a business because Magnuson grew up in Isanti and Schleper in Zimmerman.

Originally a fitness manager, Magnuson has always had a passion for working out and eating healthy. When he got a desk job, he started gaining weight and soon found himself nearing 300 pounds.

A friend told him about the Herbalife line, and soon Magnuson swore by the protein shakes and thought about opening his own shop.

Since starting to use Herbalife and becoming more physically active again, Magnuson has lost over 65 pounds. He hopes to use Energy Rev to share his story and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle.

“I wish I had known about this product sooner,” he said. “After I was introduced to it, knowing how much success I had with it, I thought ‘Why not open one in Cambridge?’”

He loves helping people with a fitness regimen and hearing people say they’ve lost weight with the help of Herbalife.

His goal is to spread the word that Energy Rev is in Cambridge and help people stay healthy.

“I want to let people know there’s another alternative for a meal out there besides going to a fast food restaurant,” Magnuson said. “There’s a place you can come to learn how to lose weight or have a support group.”