Final assessment adopted for ‘11 street improvement project

By Elizabeth Sias

The Isanti City Council passed a resolution to adopt the final assessment for the 2011 street and utility improvement project during its meeting Tuesday, Nov. 1.

The total costs proposed to be assessed to benefiting properties is $303,762, which is approximately $15,000 less than presented in the preliminary engineering report. The primary difference is due to making adjustments on corner lot properties.

The improvements are on Broadway Street SW from the railroad right-of-way to 3rd Avenue SW; 2nd and 4th Avenues SW from Main Street W. to Elizabeth Street SW; 3rd Avenue SW from Main Street W. to Broadway Street SW; 5th Avenue SW from Elizabeth Street SW to S. Brookview Lane SW; and Elizabeth Street SW from 2nd Avenue SW to N. Brookview Lane SW.

Improvements included street reconstruction, curb and gutter, storm sewer and replacement of city utilities.

The assessments will be payable by owners of properties assessed to benefit from the improvements in equal annual installments over a 10-year period with a 3.9 percent interest rate. The first installment is due May 15, 2012.


In other action, the council:

• Approved an amendment to the city code that requires water shutoff valves for new construction be located in street boulevard areas, and not in improved driveways, sidewalks or private property areas. The proposal came after the city received property owner dissatisfaction in repairs of non-functioning water shutoff valves located in improved driveways, sidewalks or private property. The outside water shutoff valves will be located in boulevard areas accessible to be serviced if necessary, with a setback of 10 feet from any improved driveway.

• Passed a resolution that requires outdoor special events in Isanti to provide one additional portable restroom for events exceeding 75 people and two additional portable restrooms for events exceeding 150 people. For events anticipating 250 or more people, a usage chart provided by Jimmy’s Johnnies will be used.