Meet the candidates running for Braham School Board

By Elizabeth Sias

The general election for the Braham Area School Board will be held Tuesday, Nov. 8, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voting will take place at the Braham Area High School, 531 Elmhurst Ave. S.

The four-year terms of four school board members — Lowell Luebeck, Daniel Klemz, Craig Hammond and Anthony Cuda — will expire in January.

Four people have added their names to the ballot for the positions.

Brian Ramthun, of Grasston, Robert W. Hughes, of Stanchfield, Angie Flowers, of Braham, and incumbent Anthony Cuda, of Braham, will be on the ballot.

The Isanti County News asked the candidates to tell us about themselves, why they are qualified to be a school board members, and their priorities if elected.

Anthony Cuda

Anthony Cuda, Braham:

Tell us about yourself.

I live in Braham. I am married to Desiree (Beckman) and have four children. Bret is studying engineering at the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Becca, Lacy, and Seth go to school in the Braham school district. I work as a territory manager for a Briggs and Stratton Distributor.

Why do you feel you’re qualified to be a school board member?

I have been on the school board for almost one 4 year term now and have had some time to get acquainted with the workings of the school board as well as the issues that need to be worked on regularly. I feel that there is a lot more for me to learn and a lot more that I have to offer to the community in the future.

What would be your priorities if elected?

Braham Area School District already has a great deal of good things going on so, I would say to continue to strive to make things better for Braham students.


Angie Flowers and husband Matt

Angie Flowers, Braham:

Tell us about yourself.

I have lived in the Braham area for over 20 years. I am married and have two children, my son Joshua is 21 and is on active duty serving in Afghanistan. My daughter Shelby is a senior at Braham High School graduating this year. I have run a home day care for over nine years, was involved in Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts for many years, and a member and Treasurer for the Pine City Chapter 16 Blue Star Moms.

Why do you feel you’re qualified to be a school board member?

I am interested on being on the school board for the simple fact of giving back to the community. I have had two children go to Braham School from kindergarten through 12th grade. I want to be able to do my part to help out in the school where I can and this doesn’t require me to be there in the middle of the day when I’m working. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with the school to do what we can to make Braham Schools a better place for our children to get the best education possible.

What would be your priorities if elected?

If elected, my priorities would be to further educate myself of the school system and how things are ran on that level. I know that bullying has been an ongoing problem for many years and that for a long time it seemed that the school was not doing enough to eliminate this problem. While it has gotten better, we know that it still exists, as with every other school in America. But wouldn’t it be nice for our students to go to school and not have the fear of that one person who seems to ruin the day of so many children?


Robert Hughes

Robert W. Hughes, Stanchfield:

Tell us about yourself.

I have been a resident of Braham school district (Nessel Township) since 2005. I am a college graduate; University of Minnesota – Duluth. The majority of my working years were spent as a Certified Public Accountant. I have been a township clerk for four years and presently am treasurer of the food co-op in Cambridge. I am involved in Christian fellowships, Bible studies and prayer meetings.

Why do you feel you’re qualified to be a school board member?

I am aware of school activities by attending school events and talking with parents and teachers as to what the needs are in the school district. I follow school events in the Isanti County News. I am active in Minnesota House and Senate and U.S. 8th district congressional political activities. The Internet connects us to all kinds of information to be aware of what’s happening on all levels of government.

What would be your priorities if elected?

My priorities are:
1. Fiscal responsibility
2. Best use of technology
3. Cut back on regulations and reports that hinder teachers from their professional responsibilities

Wisdom starts with the willingness to listen!


Brian Ramthun

Brian Ramthun, Grasston:

Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Rochester, Minn., and raised in Goodhue, Minn. I graduated from Goodhue High School and then went to college at Inver Hills Community College to study law enforcement. I then joined the United States Army as a Military Policeman and then a Recruiter for the Army. I worked in construction after getting out of the military. I currently work for the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office as a corrections officer. I have worked there for the past 8 years. I have lived in the Braham School District since 1999. I have two older boys, David and Daniel, whom have graduated from Braham. I have a boy named Kyle who is a sophomore and a son named Dylan who is in 5th grade. We also have a boy named Axel who is a foreign exchange student from Sweden living with us. I am married to Jean Ramthun who is a financial worker at Chisago county health and human services. My hobbies include hunting, fishing and motorcycling. Both my wife and I are very engaged with our kids sports at school and attend all events.

Why do you feel you’re qualified to be a school board member?

I truly feel that anyone with a genuine concern for our children and their education is qualified to be a member of the school board. I do not consider myself the political type, however I am concerned for all of our children’s education. I believe common sense, fairness and equality go a long way in making decisions.

What would be your priorities if elected?

If elected, my priorities are simple. I believe each and every child deserves a great education. My only priority is to help make decisions to make their education as good as possible and to be financially responsible in these tough economic times.