Income and taxes

Dear Editor:

Arguments used to promote class envy tax policies are “the rich” do not pay “their fair share” and “the rich” pay lower tax rates than everyone else.

IRS data show taxpayers with incomes among the highest 1 percent received 20 percent of the total income but paid 38 percent of the total federal income taxes. For the highest 10 percent of incomes, it was 45 percent of the income and 70 percent of the taxes. Those with incomes in the top 11 percent to 50 percent reported 42 percent of the income and paid 27 percent of the taxes. The bottom 50 percent reported 13 percent of the income and paid 3 percent of the taxes. Not only are “the rich” paying the vast majority of federal income taxes, they are also paying a much higher rate than everyone else.

Next is the claim our economic system is “unfair” because of income disparities. Generally a good income is directly correlated to a good job and hard work. A good job requires extensive training and freedom from substance abuse. Poverty is highly correlated to teen pregnancy, substance abuse, divorce, poor work habits, poor money management, lack of education, etc. All these lifestyle choices cause problems that cannot be solved by legislation, regulation or income redistribution.  Returning to our Judeo-Christian heritage and its standards of hard work, self-reliance, honesty, selflessness, among others, could be a solution. These values worked very well for our forefathers from whom we inherited the greatest nation on Earth, in contrast to the current system which does not work.

David Greer, Cambridge