‘A Place for You’ homeless shelter receives building gift from Allina

A new housing facility to assist homeless individuals and families in the Pine City area is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The deed to the former Pine City clinic building is transferred from Allina Hospitals & Clinics to ‘A Place for You.’ Left to right: Eugene Biever (A Place for You Board co-chair), Jeff Peterson (executive vice president Allina Hospitals & Clinics), Mary Kay Sloan (A Place for You Board co-chair), and Dennis Doran (president, Cambridge Medical Center).

On Wednesday, Oct. 12, the Board of Directors for ‘A Place for You’ homeless shelter received the deed and keys to the former Allina Medical Clinic-Pine City building from Allina Hospitals & Clinics. Allina Hospitals & Clinics donated the facility to ‘A Place for You.’

Jeff Peterson, executive vice president of Allina Hospitals & Clinics, presented the deed to the former clinic building to Gene Biever and Mary Kay Sloan, co-chairs of the ‘A Place for You’ Board of Directors.

“Part of Allina’s mission is to partner with and give back to the communities we serve,” Peterson said. “Pine City has been very good to Cambridge Medical Center and Allina over the years and we are delighted that we can be a part of this.”

Peterson also noted that the taxes for the building were prorated through Oct. 12 and were paid up to that date.

Peterson recognized Dennis Doran, president of Cambridge Medical Center, for identifying the opportunity for Allina to help and assisting in making the donation happen.

“Dennis contacted a number of us at Allina and said there was a project in Pine City that if Allina could be involved in and donate this facility to A Place for You, it would be a really great thing to do for the community and it would also support our mission and benefit the community,” Peterson said. “We agreed it was exactly the right thing to do, but Dennis is really the person who made this all happen.”

Sloan and Biever expressed their gratitude to Doran and Peterson and presented Peterson with a plaque thanking Allina for the building donation. The plaque reads: ‘In grateful recognition for Allina’s donation of their building to fulfill their mission and ours that everyone has a place.’ A similar plaque will be hung inside ‘A Place for You’ when the facility opens next year.

‘A Place for You’ will provide transitional housing for up to 15 people at a time (5 men and 5 women) plus one family, for up to 90 days. The shelter’s mission is to provide a safe place for people in distress that provides for basic needs and offers resources to provide life-changing alternatives while respecting the inherent goodness and dignity of each individual.

‘A Place for You’ residents must meet eligibility guidelines. Residents must be 18 years of age or older and have lived in Pine, Isanti, Chisago, Kanabec, or Mille Lacs counties for at least 30 days and have no criminal history for crimes against people for at least 10 years. Residents must be drug and alcohol free and medically stable.

Once an applicant has been determined to be a candidate for residence, they will work with a case manager to help them learn and develop the needed skills to apply for and carry out a job, learn to budget and be responsible for bills, and to acquire a residence where they can live independently.

The Board hopes to open the shelter in February 2012.