A Touch of Class

Dear Editor:

Mr. Green (in the Oct. 5 edition) of Cambridge screams of class warfare by the wealthy upon the poor. His ball of yarn unravels by pulling on the loose end of his premise. He states that the poorest of us pay a higher percentage of our income in taxes than do the wealthy. But facts are nasty to deal with when you go against them. Per the IRS and the Tax Foundation, the wealthiest pay federal taxes to the tune of 23 percent of income, the poor pay less than 2.6 percent. Now he can’t be meaning that 2 percent is a greater share of an individual’s income than 23 percent is. There must be some fuzziness in his thinking that doesn’t allow the numbers to come out right.

He may be the writer who some time back lumped into his argument that the poor pay a higher percentage of income in taxes on their houses compared to the wealthy. Well okay, but duh… if you don’t make any money, then anything paid in taxes could be a higher percentage.

But come, let us reason together. There is common ground. Green says he wants quality health care and education we can afford. I agree with that. So let’s kick out the illegals and instantly decrease the costs. Illegal aliens are a millstone around our necks that pulls us downward. Forcing them back across the border and keeping them there will bring about the social justice he desires, only it will be in their own country. The Mexican government will have to change or else face revolutionary overthrow. Machiavellian, but realistic. Yet rejoice all ye egalitarians, the Obama Administration is already helping bring about social justice down there. The thousands of guns they sold to the drug cartels are being used to level the playing field.

Rod Bergengren, Cambridge