Sonic in Cambridge closes its doors

The Sonic in Cambridge has closed its doors. Cones and chairs block the driveway, with signs reading “CLOSED: We apologize for any inconvenience. This location is CLOSED and will not be reopening. Please visit for information on other SONIC restaurants in Minnesota.” Sonic opened in Cambridge in August 2009 and at that time had 55 part-time employees. Photo by Elizabeth Sias
  • Todd

    Cambridge is turning into a ghost town.

  • What’s next?

    This is going to be a harder property to retrofit than Lowe’s. City has some work to do to try to attract new businesses.

  • clayton

    I don’t get why they even bullt there in.the first place there is no market for that place in Cambridge and also with everything closeing good luck even geting somebody to invest into anything there Cambridge needs to do somthing to change before the towen ends up a gost town I’m kinda glad I moved when i did I miss it there but you cant get anyware there good lick Cambridge

  • Brian V.

    I always thought Sonic was a poor choice of restaurant for Cambridge. They expected to have to station police on the roadway to guide traffic. They were needed for something like 1 entire day. When they changed all the entrances during the widening of Opportunity Drive, it was pretty much over for Sonic. We have plenty of places to eat in town. The Locals like Cambridge Bar and Grill, Herman’s, Joe’s on Main, and the rest were usually stuffed while Sonic, if anything, was an afterthought at best. We need some OTHER THINGS in town other than food and car repair joints. Hey, Gander Mountain, how about moving into the former Lowe’s. How about a high end smoke shop? A Costco? Some INDUSTRY would be good too! Just some thoughts!

    • Jeremy Rector

      C’mon, a Costco??? Do you really think that the White Trash around here will leave Wal-Mart. Costco only goes to areas with money, not EBT and Food Stamp havens. Gander Mountain??? Please, it would fail faster than Lowe’s. This town grew too big for it’s britches and this is the aftermath. Deal with it. At least until things turn around, nothing significant will occupy these vacant spaces.