Support the local post offices

Dear Editor:

Obviously the attack on the US Postal Service is an attack on the postal union and one giant step toward the privatization of our postal service.

Those in favor of privatization should realize that it costs just $0.44 to get a letter from New York to Hawaii right now and the minimum cost of getting anything (up to a pound) from New York to Hawaii by UPS is over $5.

There is a very simple solution to the problem which was created by congress in the first place.

The US Postal Service is the only government agency that was ordered to save up for future pensions 75 years in advance at a cost of over $5 billion a year.

Additionally, the USPS paid in more than was required last year.

The fix to this problem is to get rid of the rule requiring this 75 year advance on pensions. The next fix is to give them back the money they overspent.

As I said, it is obvious that this is an attack on the postal union with aims at privatizing simply because congress is unwilling to fix this problem when the fix is glaring at them.

I live out in the country. Losing my local post office is like losing a limb. The local postal worker knows me and redirects mail that is incorrectly labeled to me. I found that a letter can get to me with only my last name and a zip code. The post office in Grandy takes in kids in winter while waiting for their school bus. I remember one incident when a child was dropped off and his parents just never came to pick him up. Cindy, the postal worker there, fed him, entertained him, kept calling his parents, and eventually dropped him off at his home.

In an emergency, it’s the local post office that knows everyone; who to call and where to find them. The service to the community these offices provide is priceless and will be sorely missed if we let congress destroy the USPS.

The US Postal Service does not take any money from the government and is the most profitable agency in the government (if they can rid themselves of this ghastly burden). No other agency or even private corporation can do what the USPS does as cheaply and efficiently as they do it now.

Support the Post Office. Support the Postal Union. Support our Local Post Offices.

David Bonello