New attorney, Tim Nelson, excited to return to area

By Rachel Kytonen

A 1999 Braham High School graduate is excited to make a difference in his new position as an Assistant Attorney in the Isanti County Attorney’s Office.

Isanti County Attorney Jeff Edblad (right) is excited to welcome Braham Area High School graduate Tim Nelson as the newest Assistant Isanti County Attorney.

Tim Nelson, who was hired Aug. 8, said he has been enjoying his new position.

“I’ve had a chance to work in a lot of interesting settings, but with any new setting there is an opportunity to get involved and learn new things.”

Isanti County Attorney Jeff Edblad said Nelson has been a great addition to the attorney’s office.

“We are thrilled with the job Tim has been doing,” Edblad said. “He’s an individual who grew up in the area, and a product of the Braham School system who excelled at the arts, athletics and academics,” Edblad said. “He’s excelled with his education and legal knowledge. It’s very rewarding to see those skills and talents brought to this area.”

Following graduation from high school, Nelson attended St. Olaf College. He then went on to attend Yale Law School, graduating in 2006.

“Braham High School really prepared me for everything, and I went on to do a lot of academic work at St. Olaf College,” Nelson explained. “While at St. Olaf, I had a chance to intern for Jeff that game me more of a sense of life in law.”

Nelson said Yale was a wonderful experience.

“Yale was a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful place for me to spend three years,” Nelson said. “It opened me to new parts of the world and provided me with new experiences. But it also reminded me of what a unique place I was from.”

During Nelson’s first few months in the attorney’s office he has been busy building relationships with other staff in the attorney’s office, Family Services, law enforcement, court administrators and judges.

“Everyone has been wonderful,” Nelson said. “We are all part of the same team here, and all hired by the citizens of Isanti County to make this a great place to live and spend time here. Everyone has been very welcoming.”

So far Nelson has been working closely with Family Services on child protection cases, handling misdemeanor criminal matters, working on data practices, and helping out other colleagues when they need assistance.

“Isanti County really has a good reason to be proud of its county attorney’s office,” Nelson said. “We have very public-spirited people working in the office. And even though the office may have to make decisions sometimes people do not like, people can have faith that the office is doing its job.”

Nelson said he is grateful that he has had an opportunity to clerk for two judges. He worked for Federal Court of Appeals Judge Honorable James B. Loken (who was then the Chief Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit), and Federal District Court Judge, Honorable John R. Tunheim.

“I’m lucky to have worked for two judges who are committed public servants and hard workers,” Nelson said. “They both approached their jobs with seriousness, and reflected dignity of the process.”

Edblad said he was impressed with the work Nelson did for the judges, as well as the policy work he did while working on Matt Entenza’s campaign for governor.

“When working on the Entenza campaign, Nelson worked on quality of life issues impacting Isanti County and outstate Minnesota,” Edblad said. “It’s been personally rewarding watching Tim’s professional growth over the course of the years.”

A lot of people have supported Nelson in his journey.

“I’m very grateful to all the people who have supported me and encouraged me in this area, and those stops afterward,” Nelson said. I’m grateful to be back in this area and working for Jeff in his office. I’m very excited to be able to learn from all the people working here in the county attorney’s office, and to be a part of the wonderful law enforcement system here.”

Edblad said Nelson has fit in well in the attorney’s office.

“Tim has been a very good fit for this office, and for the court system and law enforcement system in Isanti County,” Nelson said. “His personality and work ethic made him an ideal fit for the position. Tim and I stayed in touch after he interned in my office and throughout the course of his career. It’s incredibly rewarding to see how he’s developed in his career, and to see him get to this point in his life.”