Local band ‘One For Daddy-O’ looks to make waves in music scene

By Rachel Kytonen

If you’re looking for a band that ties the past with the present, and features swing music from generations ago with a modern twist, then check out One For Daddy-O.

One For Daddy-O band members include Patrick Hilke, Philip Klocksien, Jerry Janousek and Bob Pallansch.

One For Daddy-O is a new local band, featuring musicians from around the area. Band members are Philip Klocksien, of Isanti, on harmonica and guitar; Patrick Hilke, of Pine County, on piano; Jerry Janousek, of Kanabec County, on drums and Bob Pallansch, of Anoka County, on upright bass.

“We are focusing on playing tunes and instruments people don’t ordinarily get around here,” Klocksien said. “The type of music we play has history, and a lot of World War II veterans listen to swing music, and also enjoy us bringing the harmonica back. I’ve talked to a lot of World War II vets about this.”

One For Daddy-O has been together for about nine months, and has performed at a couple of benefit concerts for the recovery community and senior community. The band also plays regularly at Captain’s on Long Lake in Isanti and Danny C’s Beach Rocks in Pine City.

“We are offering something different in the way of music for East Central Minnesota,” Klocksien said. “We play older tunes the older generations grew up with, and the music is very danceable.”

Klocksien explained they play songs primarily from the Great American Songbook, such as Gershwin, Rogers & Hammerstein and Johnny Mercer.

“We play at venues that cater to mature and family audiences,” Klocksien said. “We feature the harmonica as a traditional and serious music instrument.”

Klocksien said their music can appeal to those of all ages.

“I feel we appeal to the  older generation, as well as the younger generation,” Klocksien said. “The younger generation enjoys our music as they realize it’s something they can dance to. We offer something different, something people aren’t intimidated by. We offer quiet music, but also melodic music.”

Klocksien, who has played swing, jazz and blues around the Twin Cities and rural Minnesota the last couple of decades, said  all the band members are enjoying their time together.

“Fun is the main goal of our band,” Klocksien said. “We are doing this for the love of the music, and for a connection with people.”

The band members have many years of experience. Hilke has played a wide range of music from jazz to rock since the 1980s; Janousek has played many different styles with bands around East Central Minnesota for 25 years; and Pallansch has been playing bass since high school in bands from the St. Cloud area to his neighborhood in Anoka County.

“The type of music we play is about having freedom for the players, as well as those listening,” Klocksien said. “We have a lot of fun at our performances, and we encourage people to come out for a show.”

The band plays every Tuesday from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at Danny C’s Beach Rocks in Pine City. They also have a performance set for Friday, Nov. 4, from 8 p.m. to midnight at Danny C’s.

The band will be at Captain’s on Long Lake on Saturday, Oct. 22, from 7:30 p.m. to midnight. The band will offer swing dance lessons before the show.

One For Daddy-O is also available for public performances at local establishments, community events and private parties. For more information, contact Philip Klocksien at one4daddyo56@hotmail.com.