Ogilvie woman faces four charges of alleged child neglect and abuse

By Rachel Kytonen

An Ogilvie woman is facing four charges associated with child neglect, malicious punishment and abuse, stemming from alleged maltreatment beginning in 2003.

Anne Marie Hinrichs, 48, of Ogilvie, was charged in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge on Monday, Oct. 3, with felony neglect of a child that results in substantial physical harm/emotional health; gross misdemeanor malicious punishment of a child; gross misdemeanor criminal abuse by caregiver for a vulnerable adult; and gross misdemeanor criminal neglect.

Judge James Dehn set bail at $40,000 without conditions or $15,000 with conditions. Conditions included: remain law abiding; no leaving the state of Minnesota; sign five waivers of extradition; submit to a urine analysis prior to release; submit to random drug and alcohol testing; no use or possession of drugs or alcohol unless medically prescribed; surrender any firearms to law enforcement; and have no direct or indirect contact with the victims.

Isanti County Attorney Jeff Edblad explained Hinrichs left the jurisdiction during the investigation and was just extradited back from Illinois. However, Hinrichs said she did notify law enforcement she was leaving the area because she had lost her job and home. She most recently had been living in Freeport, Ill.

According to the criminal complaint, the investigation began Feb. 17 when Investigator Lisa Lovering, of the Isanti County Sheriff’s Department, began an investigation of a report of neglect of a vulnerable adult. Lovering was assisted in the investigation by Kelli Klein, of Isanti County Family Services.

Hinrichs adopted the victim, now 18, in 1997. The victim had been diagnosed with several physical and mental infirmities that impair her ability to provide food, clothing, shelter, heath care or supervision without assistance.

The victim has since been removed from Hinrichs’s care.

The complaint states Isanti County Family Services received numerous reports regarding alleged maltreatment beginning in 2003 and continuing to the present.

Such allegations included but were not limited to the victim having to wear a pull-up at school and night (during her teenage years), verbal belittling, cameras with monitors in her room, all bathroom activities were monitored; including showering, by male family members and PCA’s. In 2007 there were calls with concerns about marks on the victim that included an abrasion, bruise and swelling on the left arm and elbow, and other examples were given as well. As a result, a family assessment was opened with Family Services due to excessive and unnecessary restraint.

Another report came in 2009 that Hinrichs had locked the victim in her room from 8 p.m. until the following morning. The victim could not speak to anyone, and it was reported her belongings were locked in her closet and she had to “earn them back.”

In 2010, another report came in that the victim had to be catheterized so she wouldn’t wet the bed. At the end of 2010, another report came into Family Services regarding alleged maltreatment.

The most recent report was filed Feb. 14, and at this point the victim was now considered a “vulnerable adult.” The allegations in the report were the same as reported from 2003 to 2010.

In an interview with Klein, when the victim was asked if she could have three wishes, what would they be, the victim said her own money, not to have an alarm on her door and wishes she could change her life.

According to the complaint, when Hinrichs was interviewed by Klein, she said the services she provided were necessary given her psychological and behavioral issues. She admitted to using cameras and alarms, and having a PCA at all times. However, she denied being neglectful or abusive.

On Feb. 18, 2011, Lovering received a letter from Dr. Alan Mork from Cambridge Medical Center, that was included in the complaint.

He stated in his letter that in his “professional opinion that (initials) has been the victim of many years of severe emotional and psychological abuse. She has also been deprived of many basic needs including adequate nutrition. This has resulted in significant alterations and delays in her physical and developmental growth … She also has significant psychological, emotional and behavioral issues were all due to years of abuse. She is in need of intensive counseling and psychiatric care because of this.”

  • KAS

    “The complaint states Isanti County Family Services received numerous reports regarding alleged maltreatment beginning in 2003 and continuing to the present”

    Why did it take the county 8 years to put this monster behind bars?! Something is seriously wrong here!

    “She also has significant psychological, emotional and behavioral issues were all due to years of abuse. She is in need of intensive counseling and psychiatric care because of this.”

    This poor girl. How much of this could’ve been prevented if action was taken in 2003?

    If nothing else, I hope people (the authorities) learn from this and get these children out of these situations right away! Why are they waiting?

    • Tabitha

      If you have never lived with a child or young Adult affected by Fetal alcohol Syndrome and RAD you have no earthloy idea what it’s like. This young girl was born damaged from her birth mom and suffers form serious behavior problems one being she wets her pants or urinates on piles of clothing then refuses to clean up her mess. She has destroyed plumbing and the inside of their home and needs constant supervision. When she is disciplined she refuses to accept her consequences so she uses this against her Mom. Anne has done the best job she can with her adopted kids but when they turn on you and destroy everything you have you lose your job and end up financially broke repairing all the damage her kids caused over the years the child reports you for abuse and this is what happends.

      • Angela

        How can you even defend these people? She is DISABLED. Not able to function normally and you speak as if she has control of herself and should be punished for her actions. NO!

        SHAME on YOU!

        • Alissa D.

          She was not punished for her actions but she was held responsible for them because although she does have a mental disability she is perfectly capable of controling herself in most situations and the situation was always taken into consideration. If you knew anything about raising a special needs child you would know that they do infact have special needs, and sometimes that includes A LOT of extra supervision, rules, ect. She had NO MEDICAL reason for wetting her pants, she would stay dry for days or weeks at a time, then she would deside, for whatever reason, to pee in her pants, regardless of if she had been to the bathroom 20 min before so making her clean up her urine was NOT ABUSE. Read a little about R.A.D. and educate yourself before you acuse a wonderful parent of abuse.

        • Tim

          This young lady has Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and reactive attachment disorder. you need to educate your self on her issues before you pass judgment on the mother. there are always at least two sides to every story and this side is that of the county

          a good site to start with


    • grs

      How much could have been prevented if action had been taken in 2003?? Most likely NONE, because this child CAME INTO Ms.Hinrich’s home with these behavioral issues, problems, and disabilities– having been profoundly damaged long before Ms. Hinrich ever even met her. If anything, the quality of her life was considerably improved while living with Ms. Hinrich… unfortunately there ARE instances which warrant very strict boundaries and very close oversight, because individuals with certain types of issues and disabilities are simply NOT CAPABLE of making safe, sane, responsible decisions on their own– and in fact their behaviors place them and those around them at risk in a variety of ways.

      I would hope that more professionals in this day and age would actually take the time to research and learn about certain types of disabilities and mental and emotional issues which MAY NOT be visually observed at first glance, but which DO require such mindful supervision for the child’s or “vulnerable adult’s” best interests… instead of victimizing the parent(s), such parents should be receiving supports and services AND RESPITE CARE for their children!!!
      Thank you.

      • Her Auntie

        I am this girls aunt and since you have no idea what you’re talking about I will inform you. Ms. Hinrichs did know this child…since the day she was born since she was her step grandmother. Anne was married to my father and the girl is my brothers youngest child. She did not have fetal alcohol syndrome (although anne would like everyone to believe this) I know because I was there during her mothers pregnancy. Those behavior issues were not present when she moved in with anne when she was THREE. Just putting out the facts here so everyone can understand the real issue here. It’s not fair what she went through and it will all come out in court.

        • http://isanticountynews.com tim griffiths

          Thank you for your support auntie I appreciate it. Well said!!

    • Angela

      All that matters now is getting her out of that horrid situation.

  • Alissa D.

    As someone who knows the family closely and has spent countless days, evenings and weekends with them I would like to say that much of what Anne is being accused of is not true. She always provided more food than could be ate, NEVER locked the child in her room, ect. This story is extremely warped to show a wonderful woman and mother in a horrible light and all I ask is that people try to see things from a different perspective than what is in black and white. Although she did not parent her child in a way that most would parent a “normal” child she did what was best for the child based on recomendations from councilers, doctors, and specialists and the child’s mental and physical issues she developed due to abuse from her birth family.

    • Angela

      ABUSE. No excuse. End of story. You should be locked up with this Anne lady.

      • Alissa D.

        Apparently you have never been around a person with R.A.D. or F.A.S.D. for any significant amount of time. If you had then you would realize that they need a different kind of parenting, one that may in some cases look to be too extreme, but is what has been found by years of research to be what helps individuals with those disabilities to have the best life possible. And you can bet your life that I will be in court to stand up for Anne.

      • Concerned

        Nicely said!

  • Amy Kleist

    This is heart wrenching, for anyone to endure such an inhuman act is unbelievable. As fas the accused, wouldn’t it be fair that she serves as “eye for an eye”. Although that wouldn’t even be enough. Pain emotional and psychological abuse is unbelievable.

    How could the schools and the communities have looked over such an act. I would hope that this would open others eyes to watch for signs within our surroundings. If it weren’t for those that helped this child suchas; Kelli Klein and Lisa Lovering this poor girl would probably still be being tortured.

    Why did it take the county 8 years to put this monster behind bars?! I’m only hoping that she gets a severe punishment and that this trial doesn’t get dismissed or belittled.

    I hope in the future people (the authorities) learn to look for signs and warnings and get these helpless children out of these situations right away! Why are they waiting?

  • Shanna

    This is a disturbed child. Unless you are a parent of a child like this I think people should hold judgement. This is a total bogus story and the media has contributed in this wiitch hunt. Its horrible when you try to protect a child with this kind of diability and it turns around to slap you in the face.
    This woman has a heart of gold. She is always there for people and if you need a shoulder she is there, even going through what she is going though.
    I agree that authorities should look for things better. But they should learn to target the right individuals. They missed big time on this one. A child like this also basks
    in attention and will say whatever possible to keep recieving it.
    Unless you know the whole story, I really suggest you dont comment because you ave no idea what you are talking about!

  • Amykrusz

    I am a close person friend of Anne’s. I also lived in her house during the time that the supposed “Victim” lived there. After reading some of the other comments from people I feel the need to set the record straight for all of you. These are FALSE accusations!! Never in the entire time that I have known Anne and living in her house did I EVER once witness her abuse that girl. Yes, she had to “Earn back” privledges that had been taken away. And yes, there were monitoring cameras in the house for the supposed “Victim”‘s safety and the safety of the PCA’s and family members. They were necissary. The supposed “Victim” in this story is mentally ill and needed that sort of monitoring. So before anyone condemns Anne, look at the facts. And since some people feel the urge to judge my friend without knowing her…ask yourself how you’d feel if someone wrote hateful things about you that were untrue and not PROVEN! If the shoe were on the other foot you wouldnt be so quick to judge someone you don’t even know. Think before you just write things on the internet. You know absolutely nothing about Anne or how she treated the girl. I, on the other hand do know how the girl was treated…and she was always loved by her mother. Not abused or neglected in any way, shape or form.

  • D. T.

    To the first response, maybe it took 8 years to convince the person that these things actually happened to her, given enough time with a psychologically imbalanced person you can get them to say anything if they are led in that direction. I do not actually know anyone involved in this case but have seen these cases before where a person is vilified by the media and it all ends up being false accusations in the end, so don’t be so quick to jump on the “monster” bandwagon, all that is in the article is allegations and comments from one doctor, I am sure there are other doctors, one thing about psychiatry/psychology is that each doctor has their own views on things, it’s not all set in stone, I will assume that none of you have ever had to deal with someone with severe emotional problems, sometimes you have to do things that others would not understand because they weren’t there at the time, so do be too quick to judge the accused on one newspaper article.

    • Alissa D.

      I would like to thank you for ability to realize that what is in the artical is not the whole story. The individuals doing the “investigation” failed to speek to even one of the PCA’s that have worked with the “victim” or as far as I know any of the counclers or doctors that have been seeing her for years. Thank you for realizing that things aren’t always as they may initially appear. I appreciate you’re comment and I am sure Anne does as well.

  • Cathy Burris

    This story is OUTRAGEOUS!! This young girl started making up stories and found she got alot of attention for it so she kept it up fed by those who were “investigating”. Her mother is suffering greatly as a result of her daughter’s false allegations and these charges are adding insult to injury. Her daughter may not be able to help what she’s doing but the professionals involved should certainly know better! Shame on them

  • keith matyi

    I don’t believe Anne would do such a thing. She would only do what is necessary on behalf of a child who had severe mental problems. She has given most of her life to take care of mentally ill children. How dare u make assumptions and judgement on a good human being.

  • Gigi Reynolds

    It would behoove those of you who do not know the parent, to Google the diagnosis: Reactive Attachment Disorder. The judge and the rest of the legal team need to live with the “victim” for a week. Heck, I have a RAD kid that I would love to volunteer for their education. Many RAD parents must put alarms on the bedroom doors to notify us when the child leaves his room in case he runs away, attacks the other family members, steals anything he desires, destroys any thing he can get his hands on, attempt to harm himself and to protect ourselves from physical harm. This woman is being railroaded by an ignorant DA and investigator. If the child had a physical disease they would rush right out and find out about it. They are obviously on a witch hunt. The mom has dozens of witnesses (most from the medical and legal services) to verify the child’s mental condition and the care she gave the child because they were in her home continuously over the years. Why did they not interview the child’s regular doctors? Oh wait, then they might actually get the truth and that does not look good on TV. None of you righteous citizens have a clue how hellish it is trying to repair these damaged kids. None of you have a clue how destructive their violent rage episodes can be. These are not “misbehaving children” having tantrums. Attachment disorder kids grow up to lead destructive, criminal lives and often turn into serial killers because they could not develop a conscience due to the severely neglectful homes they experienced in the early years of their lives and the alcohol and drugs their birth mothers ingested while their little brains developed. This is not a drama seeking statement. If you are actually looking for the truth here instead of jumping on the ignorant bandwagon, you will find that most serial killers have Rad: Bundy, Manson, etc… Witch hunts like these are the reason fewer people are becoming adoptive parents. For those of us in the trenches this is another example how our pleas for help are turned against us. I pray she finds an attorney who will stand up and fight her case and cause the legal system to remember that in America we are innocent until proven guilty. Due diligence was obviously not even attempted.

  • http://isanticountynews.com tim duren

    This is tim duren now known as tim griffiths. I am one of the three children that lived there that supposedly had mental problems,well i have news for those who think anne is so great. She is not wat she made herself out to be and we are not wat she made us out to be either. %95 of wat she said is a lie she wants attention and sympathy because she supposedly is helping three “mentally challenged kids” there is a term for that its called munchowsens by proxy. I have graduated high school in all regular classes not special ed like she had me in. I am graduating college this year for commercial and residential wiring then will start my journeymanship, i also have my drivers lisence and my own apartment all t hings she said i could never do by myself. She said i had scizofrenia ( dont know how to spell that haha) bypolar, rad, adhd, fasd, and a few others i cant remember off the top of my head. She had me on thirteen different medications that stunted my growth i went to the doctor wen i was taken away and i was not producing bone marrow. So all of u defending her plz stop your efforts r futile and i am testifying against her since i am one of the victims and i have so much evidence against her she does not stand a chance and she will go to jail. If u want proof of the evidence post back and i will put it on for the whole world to see that she was in the wrong. Thank you and have a good day:)

  • A_S

    I appreciate Tim’s insight and would like to say thank you for your courage to stand up to Anne and defend your sister. Congratultions to you, Tim, for your success and finding your way in life. Learn to depend on those who love you and continue to pursue your dream.

    I also appreciate the attempts of this woman’s friends and relatives to defend her. Abusers are good at what they do and are experts in hiding what happens behind closed doors. Abusive families don’t usually advertise to thier friends thier deepest darkest secrets, and thier abused children are no exception. To those who are friends of Anne, understand the anger and frustration of those who are looking out for the innocent children involved.

    They have struggled thier ENTIRE lives and deserve a chance to feel safe and be heard. If Anne struggled to provide a safe and healthy environment in which to provide for this young lady and her siblings, she should have taken the high road and asked for help and turned them back to the county. The county took them out of their original home to provide them a BETTER life and an opportunity to succeed. They failed miserably and I personally feel that THEY should also be on trial.

  • Tim

    A bit of education about RAD. This develops in the first 3 years of a child’s life, Ms. Hinrichs did not have these children during their first 3 years.

    Rene Spitz noted that children in orphanages were prone to physical illness and had decreased appetites. They exhibited some stereotyped movements, self-stimulation, and an empty look in their eyes. They lacked normal responses of interest when people came close. They cried vaguely or softly many times a day and seemed unhappy. Many of these children seemed depressed and unresponsive to initiatives for interaction, as if they were resigned to their situation of affective deprivation. These children also had a much higher mortality rate than noninstitutionalized pediatric populations.

    A history of gross neglect, lack of contingent responses, and little or no attention, interaction, and affection are required to establish a diagnosis of inhibited reactive attachment disorder (RAD). For a diagnosis of disinhibited RAD, a history of multiple caregivers, sequential changes in caregiver, disruptions in relationships, and placement with different people for considerable periods must exist. The child does not develop preferential attachments and secure base behavior toward a specific person but instead develops an undifferentiated closeness with anyone who approaches the child.

    •Inhibited reactive attachment disorder
    ◦Failure to thrive
    ◦Poor hygienic condition
    ◦Underdevelopment of motor coordination and a pattern of muscular hypertonicity because of diminished holding
    ◦May appear bewildered, unfocused, and understimulated
    ◦Blank expression, with eyes lacking the luster and joy that is usually observed
    ◦No evidence of the usual responses to interpersonal exchanges
    ■Appearance of not knowing body language
    ■Does not pursue, initiate, or follow up on cues for an exchange or interaction.
    ■No exploration of another person’s face or facial expression
    ■Does not approach or withdraw from another person
    ■May avoid eye contact and protest or fuss if a person comes too close or attempts to touch or hold them (have developed avoidant behaviors because they do not expect interaction and have learned not to interact when an adult approaches)
    •Disinhibited reactive attachment disorder
    ◦Instead of caution, excessive familiarity or psychological promiscuousness with unknown persons
    ◦Can give hugs to anyone who approaches them and go with that person if asked
    ◦May approach a complete stranger for comfort, food, to be picked up, or to receive a toy

    No specific physical signs of attachment disorder exist. Nevertheless, indirect indicators may be present, such as the following:

    •Signs of physical maltreatment, such as old fractures or bruises
    •Effects of undernutrition and rashes because of not changing diapers frequently
    •A syndrome characterized by excessive appetite in children who have been in several foster homes
    •Excessive appetite and excessive thirst in children who experience severe stress
    •Flattened back of the head because left in bed much of the time in cases of nonattachment
    •If severe, growth retardation

    Multiple situations can lead to attachment disorders.

    Inhibited RAD
    Young children who are exposed to multiple caregivers simultaneously or sequentially do not easily experience the sense of security associated with unique and exclusive long-standing relationships. No opportunity exists to trust one person because past relationships were interrupted, disrupted, or consistently unreliable. Note the following factors:

    •Gross neglect
    •Gross insensitivity in the caregiver
    •Abandonment by caregiver at the peak of attachment needs (end of first year of life)
    •Repeated abandonment by caregiver
    Disinhibited RAD
    Promiscuous or disinhibited attachment disorders have a phenomenology opposite that of inhibited attachment disorders. This is the most common type of attachment disturbance in clinical settings. Many children with this condition have been placed in multiple foster homes or have lived with different relatives; their parents are unable to create a sense of permanency in their lives. Many of the parents experience legal problems, engage in illegal drug use, abuse alcohol, or have personality disturbances, which make them unable to provide stability for the child. Note the following factors:

    •Multiple caregivers sequentially or concurrently
    •Multiple disruptions in attachment relationships
    •Several changes in foster home placement
    Risk factors
    Risk factors are the same as those associated with poor parenting, maltreatment, and neglect. A number of psychosocial factors place some children at particular risk, such as caregivers who abuse drugs, who have multiple unmanageable stressors, or who have been maltreated or have experienced multiple attachment disruptions themselves.

    Genetics factors are also significant.[10]