Amendment approved to Joint Powers Agreement for Bike/Walk Trail

By Rachel Kytonen

The Cambridge City Council approved the first amendment to the Joint Powers Agreement for the Cambridge-Isanti Bike/Walk Trail during its council meeting Monday, Oct. 3.

City Administrator Lynda Woulfe explained the original joint powers agreement was approved by the cities of Cambridge, Isanti and Isanti County, in September 2008 when funding was being sought for the Bike/Walk Trail. The Bike/Walk Trail opened in July 2011.

According to the agreement, Cambridge will contribute 66.6 percent (apprxomately $6,660) and Isanti will contribute 33.4 percent (approximately $3,340) toward the cost of any and all maintenance and repairs to the bridge crossing the wetlands, and insuring the bridge against loss to fire or other casualty loss, beginning in 2013.

Isanti Township will also reimburse the city of Cambridge $500 and city of Isanti $500 per year to contribute to maintenance costs.

As far as maintenance costs on the trail, Cambridge will be responsible for costs north of 301st Ave, and Isanti will be responsible for costs south of 301st. Ave. Naming rights will also be handled in the same fashion, with Cambridge having rights north of 301st Ave., and Isanti south of 301st. Ave.

Woulfe explained the amendment is with section 8.09 regarding naming rights that states “any naming or renaming of the Trail or of any portion thereof shall be accomplished only by joint resolution of the city councils of Cambridge and Isanti with input from the Advisory Committee established pursuant to paragraph 1.01 of this Joint and Cooperative Agreement.

Woulfe explained the amendment still has to go before the Isanti City Council for action.

Woulfe explained the bridge is approximately 1,750 square feet in length, and the trail is close to 10,000 square feet.

The agreement also outlines the rules and regulations of the bike/walk trail, which prohibits any use of motorized or recreational vehicles, except those for official business, maintenance, law enforcement for the cities of Cambridge and Isanti.

Alcoholic beverage, as well as littering and offensive behavior is also prohibited on the trail.

As far as winter usage, the trail can only be used for hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.