“Class Warfare”

Dear Editor:

I have heard a lot of talk from the right recently about “class warfare” because President Obama has proposed raising income taxes on the highest income earners.

However, it is the Republicans who, in general, are truly committing “class warfare” against the poor and middle classes by demanding that the government balance its budget simply by cutting programs that are designed to help the poor and middle classes.

It is the Republicans, in general, who are committing “class warfare” by defending an overall tax system that requires the poorest Americans to pay a higher percent of their income in taxes than the wealthy.

It is the Republicans, in general, who are committing class warfare by defending a system that ultimately makes upward mobility more difficult by making a quality education, quality health care, and quality retirement plans something only the rich can afford.

Republicans, in general, seem to want to keep people uneducated, poor, and sick. Requiring the wealthy to pay their fair share is not class warfare; it is justice.

T.J. Green,