Start buying local

Dear Editor:

Americans can become more in touch with strengthening the American economy if they become more aware of the products they are consuming.

Americans need to take ownership in the perpetual problem that has been created in developing an overseas market in China for inexpensive, low-quality goods and products.

Americans buy these low-quality goods and have demanded them, therefore increasing demand, for decades. If a finger should be pointed, it’s at the American people for creating the drive for low-quality products, not at the overseas manufacturers, for responding to this demand. This supply and demand has created a vicious cycle that will be difficult to reverse.

But Americans can start reversing this cycle by being more aware of the products they consume. Where can Americans find high-quality goods and products? Start buying local. Local goods can be more difficult to locate in the community and take time and effort to find, but the long-term benefits to the community will be well worth these difficulties.

Sarah Schuster