First concern is with the city taxpayers

Dear Editor:

Dear city residents and taxpayers,

In rebuttal to Ms. Nelson’s letter, I want to be clear.  Property owners along 16th Avenue in the townships did indeed give a right-of-way to the city for the future expansion of the street, however they are not losing any property. They will maintain ownership of the property as before and still will not pay their fair share of maintenance or reconstruction of 16th Avenue.  If the city annexed the property, we would have come to the same end, except that all property owners along 16th Avenue would have to pay for the street.

It is probably correct that I said, “I don’t care about the township residents.” The context of that statement was in regard to this issue, alone, where my concern is first with the city taxpayers. As for leaving the meeting early, this was the last item requiring action — there was no reason for me to stay. The purpose of the letter I wrote a couple of weeks ago was to call out the rest of city council for failing to do their job in representing the people who put them in office. It was in no way intended to show disrespect for the town residents. These are the facts.

Robert Shogren
Councilman and taxpayer, City of Cambridge