Homeowners appreciate the option given by City Council

Dear Editor:

We are replying to Robert Shogren’s letter on the 16th Avenue properties of your Sept. 7 issue.

What Mr. Shogren fails to state in his letter is that we agreed to grant Right of Way in front of our property so that the city owns property on both sides of the road and can receive money from the state Department of Transportation for maintaining the road. If the road is widened, we may lose two rows of trees in front of our house. We agreed to this as long as we don’t have to be annexed.

We think the City Council was generous in giving us this option. We have been living in our house since 1988, long before there were developers and empty houses behind us. We have always been a part of Isanti township. We have not been asking for sewer, water, or tree clean-up. We do not want to be annexed, facing a possible 200 percent tax rate increase. We thank the council for listening to our point of view.

Harold Lindsay and Barb Kruschel