A call to Nationalism

Dear Editor:

Our enemies are hanging us with our own rope. The ships that bring us consumer goods from China—things that our American companies have deserted us at home over to make in China—have now changed in appearance. They used to be container ships exclusively, pouring their cheap Chinese-made junk into our stores for us to gobble up like so many dependent chickens pecking at gravel. Now the ships from China have started to carry jet fighters and anti-ship missiles to sink American aircraft carriers.

Her first aircraft carrier just completed its maiden voyage. She has deployed powerful anti-ship missiles. Her new jet fighter is considered superior to our best, the F-35. She is working on magnetic pulse weapons that will render our aircraft carriers ineffective in combat. It’s as though we’ve lost before we start.

And we helped. When our companies fled our shores for a greener bottom line in China, the dragon began receiving nourishment. Now well fed and on steroids, that aggressive and unreasonable dragon is moving out of its cave to plunder and destroy. And woe to all.

It is far beyond time for two things: our ridiculously somnolent, bribery-fattened politicians need to work twenty-five hours a day to get those blankety-blank jobs back over here where they belong, and to develop new opportunities. And our employers and their investors need to stop cutting deals with the enemy, trading our consumers’ money in exchange for Chinese stuff that causes our unemployment and will cause our future military disaster. We need a new nationalism.

Rod Bergengren