Holm pleads guilty to felony criminal sexual conduct

By Rachel Kytonen

Mark Steven Holm, 54, of Stanchfield, pled guilty Sept. 2 to felony, 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct in front of Judge Tammi Fredrickson in 10th Judicial District Court in Cambridge.

Holm pled guilty to the charge that states the conduct occurred where the victim is at least 16 but less than 18 years of age, and the actor is more than 48 months older than the victim, and in a position of authority.

Mark Holm

Holm is the former area director of East Central Minnesota Young Life, and was charged Oct. 29, 2010, with three counts of felony 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct.

One additional charge of felony 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct, felony 4th degree criminal sexual conduct, and gross misdemeanor possession of obscene materials, were added to a new complaint filed March 31.

As a result of the plea agreement, the other five charges against Holm will be dismissed. Sentencing is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 18, at 9 a.m.

According to the criminal complaint, the sexual conduct occurred between May 1, 2010, and Oct. 27, 2010, at the 17-year old victim’s residence; at Castaway Camp, a Young Life youth camp; in the Young Life office in Cambridge; and at Holm’s residence in Stanchfield.

Judge Fredrickson told Holm he can have his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet removed as soon as possible. Holm has until next Wednesday to report to Isanti County Department of Corrections to schedule a time for a psychosexual evaluation.

The state’s case is being prosecuted by Andrew Johnson, an attorney with the Anoka County Attorney’s office, due to it being a conflict case for the Isanti County Attorney’s office.

Johnson brought up to Judge Fredrickson some concerns from a recent softball game that Holm had attended.

“If the victim is at a softball game or some church event, it’s Mr. Holm’s responsibility to leave,” Johnson said.

Judge Fredrickson agreed.

“There are still two no-contact orders in place,” Judge Fredrickson said. “It is not consistent with remorse if you don’t recognize those types of situations and leave.”

Judge Fredrickson advised Holm to demonstrate responsibility, and pointed out if his attorney is going to argue for a lesser sentence than the 11 months the state is seeking, he needs to show he takes responsibility for his actions.

During testimony between Holm and his attorney, John Conard, assistant public defender based in Cambridge, Holm admitted he was in a position of authority when the acts occurred, as being area director of Young Life, and the victim a member of Young Life.

“Our relationship began, and at same point, it evolved and changed into a romantic relationship,” Holm said during testimony. “We certainly became more than friends, and it became physically intimate and ultimately sexually intimate.”

When questioned by Conard, Holm said, “there is no disputes that what I did was wrong.”

  • FYI

    There should be a clarification on something – Mr. Holm was at the softball game and was taking pictures as his daughter was playing – but had left before the other person appeared. Whoever reported this incident was a little off on the timing. Just fair to point this out.

    • Christy

      What does it matter? What I want to know is why he is able to have contact or be in a place where he is around minor females in the first place! If his daughter is a minor he should not be allowed to have contact with her either. Shame on the mother of his children for allowing him any where near them. This man is a sexual predator and should be locked away forever!

      • FYI

        How DARE you call for shame on ‘the mother of his children.’ How dare ANY of you make vile comments on this tragedy, so concerned for ‘the children’ yet forgetting they have access to these comments? How do you think these innocent victims feel while the townspeople are out with torches and pitchforks?

        Those who have self-appointed themselves to the lynch mob have your own SINS to deal with. It’s NOT YOUR PLACE to issue the proclamation of condemnation nor judgment. I’m not defending Mr. Holm and I’m not ‘blaming the victim,’ but I live in this small town and I am thoroughly ashamed of how many in this community are out for a hanging. I can see you standing at the gallows cheering. Sick.

  • mary olson

    You are wrong. How would the victim know he was there if he left before she got there. Get your facts straight

  • Mellissa

    Mary Olson, you ma am…need to simmer down a bit :)

  • curious

    Where are all the comments from the people who just a few months ago were OUTRAGED by what they claimed were completely false allegations that had been filed against the man whom they claimed to be incapable of such horrible behavior? He’s just another sex offender. He fooled many, many good and kind people and the ripple effect of his behavior is far reaching. It’s people like him who cause others to point at the church and use him and his awful crime as an excuse to judge others who are good, kind and honorable. Cambridge has so many wonderful adults who care about our teens and want to provide healthy guidance and leadership. This man hurt everyone who cares about trying to help and support kids through their difficult teen years. And what about the kids he may not have touched but who trusted him? Is anyone helping them? How confused do you think they are right now??

    I’m frustrated that there was such a public outcry when he was arrested and charged, but now that he has admitted everything he was accused of doing there has been no further conversation.

    • Marie

      “Curious”, I totally agree with you!! Sexual predators are very, very good at fooling others. I am very familiar with all parties in this case and he took advantage of a child – the end!! What disgusts me the most now is the “following” Holms still has, the people who choose to overlook this “sin” or, worse, for those who continue to blame the victim. People in this community have made her life horrible because they claim that she was to blame and they claim he was a christian.

  • Christy

    I would like to first thank Isanti County News for actually doing a follow up story on this and letting the public know of what is happening with this case.

    Next I just want to state how horrified I am that this man could easily do less than a year in county! Way to go once again Anoka County Attorney for offering a plea bargain and once again allowing another sexual predator to walk away with a slap on the wrist. To the judge, why in the world would you allow him to take his GPS monitoring devise off “as soon as possible”???? Why are you allowing him to have contact with ANY minor females??? This man IS a predator and he is dangerous! What the judicial system has done here is fail another child all for their “winning record”. Dropping all of those other charges to get a guilty plea on ONE charge that is not nearly what it should be should disgust EVERYONE! Write your representatives and please remember this when it comes time to vote again. Remember we vote these people in, we the voters decide who will be in charge of the fate of these sick human beings. It is time for a change! My prayers are with the young lady and her family.

  • mary olson

    Yep, I too am wondering where all the supporters of mark holm have gone. I guess when there is guilt there is nothing else to support. How about supporting the victim and her family at this point. Just saying!

  • Marie

    The supporters of Mark Holm do as all bible bangers do: look the other way when one of their own breaks the law. Hypocrites.

    • AC

      I don’t think it’s fair to call them hypocrites. I think they had trusted him, just as I did. They are just going on with their lives. I am not sure why they don’t question him, but maybe they need prayer too. As Curious wrote, you are so right. Those kids need a lot of guidance right now.

      And Christy shame on you! You must have never met the mother of his children. She is a wonderful mother, who was also a wife going through all this herself. She absolutely has the best interest of children in mind.

  • Bev

    After what just happened at Penn State, I wonder if the judge will deliver a harsher sentence…

  • AD

    Being a former young life student I must say that all of us girls were vulnerable to each of the young life leaders/directors and staff, and I NEVER ONCE felt uncomfortable or threatened by them. Mark Holm’s actions should in NO WAY tarnish the Young Life name or worse Jesus’ name.

    What he did was VERY wrong, and I think there should be a greater punishment for him.

    I am glad however that he admitted his guilt and is ready to serve his time. The case would have been horrible on all parties to investigate, testify, deal with press.