Victory for women’s health

Dear Editor:

To get some background for a Letter to the Editor, I went in search of the website for Planned Parenthood. I was dismayed to find a site called Stop Planned Parenthood. Just skimming through a few paragraphs made me sick with the garbage it spews. The lies, distortions, attacks and efforts to instill fear are rampant. Some of the outrageous statements include: the birth control pill is on a list of dangerous, cancer causing drugs!  Contraception is an “assault on women,” and “the deadly effects of contraception on babies, women, the environment and marriages are well documented.” I could not stomach any more such nonsense. How sad that such rabid frothing might actually be believed by anyone.

The Department of Health and Human Services has announced that it will require all new insurance plans to cover birth control without co-pays under the new health reform law. This is a victory for women’s health. Contraception is the most effective way possible to prevent abortions, a no-brainer the fanatic far right just doesn’t get. Both side of the choice issue have an opportunity to work together to ensure access to family planning. Studies of countries that have removed financial barriers to family planning show a higher rate of live, healthy births; lower infant and mother mortality; less overpopulation with the many problems that causes; fewer teen pregnancies; and of course fewer to no abortions, since without an unplanned pregnancy there is no need to consider that option.

Connie Walker-Pearson