Isanti Mayor honors outstanding employees

By Rachel Kytonen

Isanti Mayor George Wimmer gave much praise to city staff during the Isanti City Council meeting Tuesday, Aug. 16.

Mayor Wimmer first showed much appreciation to Economic Development Director Sean Sullivan and City Administrator Don Lorsung.

Isanti Mayor George Wimmer (center) presents Economic Development Director Sean Sullivan (left) and City Administrator Don Lorsung Certificates of Appreciation for their extra efforts June 9 through Aug. 12 while a city employee was on maternity leave. Photos by Rachel Kytonen

Wimmer explained while City Planner and Parks Director Lisa Wilson was on maternity leave, Sullivan handled the duties of parks and recreation coordinator, and Lorsung handled the duties of city planner, from June 9 through Aug. 12.

Wimmer presented both gentlemen with certificates of appreciation and commended them for their extra efforts and assuming extra job responsibilities.

Also receiving special accolades during the meeting was Assistant City Administrator and City Clerk Irene Bauer. Bauer will be retiring from the city after 22 years of service in early September.

“Irene has worked virtually every single job in the city,” Wimmer said. “She’s done everything you can imagine for us, and also has done wonderful things in the community.”

Some of the jobs Bauer held include but not limited to: City Clerk, City Clerk/Treasurer, Assistant City Administrator/City Clerk, City Administrator, and Accounting/Payroll. Bauer was also a member of the Park and Recreation Board, Isanti Community Involvement Team and the Garden Club.

Wimmer also noted Bauer did an excellent job handling elections.

“From an elections standpoint, Irene does a wonderful job and everyone was always prepared, and it was also a very smooth process,” Wimmer said. “You have done so much for us in the community.”

Isanti Mayor George Wimmer presents Irene Bauer with an engraved plaque for her 22 years of service to the city. Bauer will retire in early September and has held several positions within the city.

Wimmer presented Bauer with a certificate of appreciation and also an engraved plaque highlighting her years of service with the city, and the different positions she held.

Council Member Sue Larson also pointed out that Bauer was a member of the Community Involvement Team that met weekly for 13 years.

An open house for Bauer will be held Friday, Sept. 2 at Isanti City Hall from 2 to 4 p.m.

Isanti Ambassador Program

Kevin Domogalla spoke to the Council during citizen’s input on behalf of the Isanti Ambassador Program.

Domogalla said the ambassador program wants to begin the year “on the right foot,” with the city. He explained the Ambassador Program made changes to its float this year to reflect the overall spirit of the community, and mentioned the new float contains the city of Isanti logo. He said the new float highlights the entire city, and doesn’t focus solely on the Rodeo as in year’s past.

Domogalla addressed an issue regarding how to request the Isanti Ambassadors at an event. He explained the mayor recently asked to have the Isanti Ambassadors at Bauer’s retirement celebration, and was asked to fill out a request form.

Domogalla said the purpose of the form that requests for the appearance of the Isanti Ambassadors is to keep the program organized.

He said the form helps the ladies prepare for the event, addresses what they will be doing and how they should dress, and also keeps their parents informed about their appearances.

“By no means was requesting the form to be filled out meant to be a slam on the mayor or the council,” Domogalla said. “It’s just a simple form we request for the events, and somewhere along the lines things got misconstrued…We are afraid we may have hurt your feelings.”

In other action the Council:

• Approved a resolution awarding municipal auditing and financial services to Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP and approval of 2011 single audit engagement letter.

• Approved a change to the City Code regarding dog kennels. As part of the licensing process, the city will notify the occupants of all homes adjacent to the property on which the kennel is to be located, and they will have the opportunity to submit signed written comment regarding the request for a residential or commercial kennel license. Failure of occupants to provide comment within the time specified will be considered a waiver of objection to the request for a kennel.

• Passed a resolution allowing the Isanti Police Department to purchase a replacement squad car. A 2006 Charger has been used for over 5 years and has over 136,000 miles on it. The new vehicle will be purchased using $19,000 from the forfeiture fund and the remainder from the replacement fund.

• Approved the request from Greg Stankey and Danielle Holm for an Interim Use Permit to use a residential kennel at 813 Cedar Street SW, under the conditions that it be kept clean at all times, a fenced area be constructed in the rear yard capable of containing the dogs and the applicants pay the annual fee for the residential kennel license. Three dogs will be on the property.

• Rejected a $9,600 bid by Veit & Company to demolish the Wickstrom building at 11 Isanti Parkway NW due to its high cost. Staff is looking into further options to demolish the building.

• Approved the placement of a donation box for the Vikings Children’s Fund at the Isanti Liquor Store from Aug. 1 through Sept. 15.

• At the request of Council Member Steve Lundeen, the council approved a motion to have the liquor committee look at the possibility of giving a military discount to purchases at the Isanti Liquor Store made by those carrying a military identification.