To say thank you is not enough

Dear Editor:

Dear Braham and Cambridge Volunteer Fire Departments, our sincere thanks goes out to the skilled firefighting during the arson fire on July 8 at the Isanti County Historical Society Heritage Center.

Because of your swift action, we were able to recover some of the documents, photos and artifacts from the building. A Cambridge firefighter commented that without the Braham Fire Department, more of the building would have been lost. They appreciated your cooperation and quick response, as does the Historical Society.

Historical Society members now realize the danger and total devastation that firefighters encounter each time they are fighting a fire. We admire your commitment to helping our community because it is not an easy or pleasant job, and most would not be able to do what you do so valiantly.

Please compliment and thank all of your volunteers. The Isanti County Historical Society and community members appreciate your dedication.

Kay Rodrigue, Board President
Isanti County Historical Society