Many turn out to support the Walk MS event in Cambridge

Dear Editor:

Thank You for supporting the National MS Society, Minnesota Chapter, Cambridge and surrounding areas. Hundreds of people braved the windy, cold day to volunteer.

For most of us, Walk MS is more than just a stroll on a beautiful spring day. It is a symbol of hope we share that one day we will live in a world free of MS. We know that with your help, we reached or surpassed last year’s goal.

We want each and everyone to know that the special events through Christopher & Banks MS walk wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers. Accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without dedicated people like you, who are committed to putting an end to this disease once and for all.

This year’s MS walk was a huge success. It has been great to work with you on this year’s event. We look forward to more years of planning and growing. We are truly grateful to have you on our side.

Remember, we offer many other events and programs to keep you busy. Check for more opportunities. Thank you again for your commitment.

Sally Forehand
Walk MS Coordinator