Liljander, Calaman crowned as Purple Hawk champions

Tammy Calaman of Braham (left) won her first Hawk women’s championship, with Kathy Johnson placing 2nd (center) and Kelly Brown finishing 3rd (right).

Since 2011 is the “Summer of Storms,” you wouldn’t expect any scheduled event to run smoothly. So it went with last weekend’s Club Championships at the Purple Hawk Country Club.

Some competitors were able to get nine holes completed on Saturday’s Day 1 of action before the midday storm hit this area. That forced roughly three-quarters of the field to play 27 holes on Sunday, with tee times beginning very early that morning, before the respective flight champions could be crowned.

In the Men’s Championship Flight, it was Ty Liljander of Isanti winning his second Hawk title in three years when he finished at 1-over 145. That low score helped hold off runners-up Jake Warneke (the defending Hawk champ), Nate Fuhol and Chris Grundyson by four strokes.

The Women’s Championship Flight saw Tammy Calaman of Braham claim her first Purple Hawk title when she finished at 177 over the 36 holes. Kathy Johnson placed 2nd just two strokes back, and defending champ Kelly Brown was 3rd at 183.

Ty Liljander of Isanti (right) won his second Purple Hawk club championship, with Nate Fuhol (center), Chris Grundyson (left) and Jake Warneke (not pictured) tying for 2nd.

The next big club event on the 2011 Purple Hawk calendar is the highly-popular club Calcutta which will be held the weekend of Aug. 27-28.

Purple Hawk Club Championship

Men’s Championship Flight: 1st- Ty Liljander 145; 2nd (tie)– Nate Fuhol 149, Chris Grundyson 149, Jake Warneke 149.

Women’s Championship Flight (gross): 1st- Tammy Calaman 177; 2nd– Kathy Johnson 179; 3rd– Kelly Brown 183.

Women’s Championship Flight (net): 1st- Shari Anlauf 147; 2nd– Dorothy Johnson 151; 3rd (tie)– Jackie Osterud 156, Janet Buchholz 156.

Men’s 1st Flight: 1st- Larry Zurn 140; 2nd– Brian Kramer 143; 3rd (tie)– Chris Grundyson 147, Jake Warneke  147.

Men’s 2nd Flight: 1st- Tony Brown 132; 2nd (tie)– Jim Schoenecker 134, Jim Warden 134; 4th– Dan Johnson 139.

Men’s 3rd Flight: 1st- Joel Grams 136; 2nd– Mark Johnson 138; 3rd– Scott Soderman 143.

Men’s 4th Flight: 1st- Tom Ricci 134; 2nd– Ron Majzner 139; 3rd (tie)– Delmar Derheim 147, Tyler Treichel 147.

Senior Men’s Championship Flight (net): 1st- Tom Ricci 134; 2nd– Joel Grams 136; 3rd– Mark Johnson 138.

Senior Men’s Championship Flight (gross): 1st- Dave Pearson 157; 2nd– Paul Lieser 161; 3rd– Todd Schoenecker 162.

Super Senior Men’s Championship Flight (net): 1st- Bob Johnson 134; 2nd– Dennis Carpenter 138; 3rd– Willis Stewart 146.

Super Senior Men’s Championship Flight (gross): 1st- Chuck Johnson 159; 2nd– Paul Lieser 161; 3rd– Don Pyykola 163.