Aquatennial Princess appreciates the Cambridge community

Dear Editor:

There are many components that keep an incredible community like Cambridge going strong.

Growing up here, in Cambridge, has led me to experience what makes this community so great. As a former Cambridge Ambassador and now 2012 Minneapolis Aquatennial Princess, I am writing this letter as a thank you to everyone who has influenced my life to bring me to where I am today.

To my teachers in elementary, middle and high school who encouraged me to work my hardest to achieve success. To all the sports coaches who showed me the meaning of dedication and teamwork. To all my star dancers that taught me more than I taught you. Another thank you goes out to all of those who influenced me to grow in my faith that has provided me with a foundation on which to stand.

I am grateful to community businesses and individuals for their financial support of the Cambridge Ambassador Program and to the Cambridge Ambassador Committee and others whose countless hours of volunteerism have all contributed to making this opportunity for me possible.

And lastly to the people of Cambridge who have given my family and I countless words of encouragement and support during my week at Aquatennial. I look forward to my year ahead with excitement and pride.

Cayla Yund, Cambridge
2012 Aquatennial Princess