Harris man charged with damaging County Fairgrounds

By Rachel Kytonen

An 18-year old Harris man has been charged with damaging property at the Isanti County Fairgrounds in Cambridge.

Caske Quinten Owen made his first appearance before Judge James Dehn in 10th Judicial District Court in Cambridge on Thursday, July 28.

Owen is charged with felony, 1st degree damage to property, that occurred at the fairgrounds on May 7.

According to the criminal complaint, Isanti County Sheriff’s Deputy Dave Matchinsky met with fairgrounds representative Ken Harder on site on May 7. Upon arrival, Deputy Matchinsky observed the gate had been pushed in and was severely bent. Harder explained to Deputy Matchinsky that morning walkers had seen the gate and found a license plate stuck to the gate. It was also observed that the gate near the grandstand was also pushed outward and severely bent.

Deputy Matchinsky contacted the owner of the vehicle, who stated her son had driven the car earlier. According to the complaint, when meeting with Deputy Matchinsky, Owen admitted to driving through the fairgrounds gate on purpose, regretted his actions, and offered to pay restitution.

On May 22, Harder met with Deputy Matchinsky and estimated the cost to repair the damage would be around $2,600.

Following the July 28 hearing, Owen was released with conditions and ordered to have no contact with the Isanti County Fairgrounds property. His next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 17.