WillowBridge Yoga & Fitness welcomes new instructor

Megg Johnson

WillowBridge Yoga & Fitness would like to welcome Megg Johnson to the team for this summer. Megg is home from dance school and teaching Cardio Hip Hop twice a week.

Johnson was born and raised in Wyoming, Minn. Ever since a young girl she has wanted to dance. Her passion for dance led her to an arts high school, which encouraged the students to express themselves through choreography. At Perpich, she choreographed numerous dance works, including: “XOXO,” “Crocodile Skin,” and “Left on Pause.” She also choreographed and edited two dance films called “Running From What,” and “Coat of Pain.”

After graduating high school, Megg auditioned for Belhaven University’s dance program. She got in and for a year now has been down in Jackson, Miss. During that year, she joined the Dance Ministry Ensemble, which performed contemporary dance works at nursing homes. She also led the Urban Dance Club, which is a hip-hop club through the college. Before going off to college, Megg received her Group X Instructor’s Certificate through the YMCA.  She is currently teaching Kids Fitness, Kids Yoga, and cardio dance there. She is also excited to teach cardio-hip hop classes through Willowbridge Center.

Her dreams for the future are to be in a dance company or to start her own. She is currently seeking a degree in both dance and education so that she will receive her K-12 certification upon graduation. She hopes that her creativity and passion for dance will inspire others. She also dreams of going to other places around the world to teach dance to children that are less fortunate. She would love to join the Peace Corps and go somewhere in Africa.

She also hopes to open up a dance studio in the United States for children who cannot afford dance classes, but have a deep passion and heart for dance. Megg believes that if you do have a passion or dream that you should live it out in this life because it is better to pursue that dream than to just imagine it.

Megg’s motto is “Live out your passion. Go all out!”  Anyone who attends her Cardio Hip Hop classes experiences her passion for dance. As one student exclaimed, “Megg is a breath of fresh air!”

Megg’s Cardio Hip Hop Classes are Sundays at 5:30 p.m. and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. All are welcome! You can check out the full summer schedule online at www.willowbridgecenter.com. Drop-in fees for classes are $10 or you can join WillowBridge Center as a member for $65/month. First class is free for new students. Come and meet Megg!