Cambridge-Isanti graduate’s band growing in popularity

By Elizabeth Sias

Passion for music has always been a way of life for Daniel Ferraro and Paige Prescher.

Paige Prescher and Daniel Ferraro make up the band The Sudden Lovelys. Using a steamer trunk that Ferraro stands on to use as a drum, the band offers a unique style and setup.

When the two found one another, it was only natural the couple form a band, and that was how The Sudden Lovelys was born. Just over a year old, the group will release its second and third albums this year.

Ferraro describes their music as a blend of a city band and a country band — similar to what he calls modern folk or aggressive country.

“It’s so many different things,” he said. “We’ve got some real slow songs and some that are real intense.”

Ferraro, a 1997 graduate of Cambridge-Isanti High School, started writing music when he was 14. When he picked up acoustic guitar, his love for writing lyrics deepened.

Prescher, native to Mantorville, Minn., sang in church choirs from a young age and continued singing throughout high school and college. After graduating from college, she needed a musical outlet and moved to Minneapolis.

“I feel a void when music isn’t part of my life,” she said. “There’s an inner peace  when I sing — it’s the only time I can be exactly what I want to be, and it just feels natural.”

Ferraro happened to be searching for a vocalist at the same time Prescher was looking for a band to be a part of. After a search on Craigslist, the two found each other. They performed together for two years, and when their friendship blossomed into love, they decided to form The Sudden Lovelys.

“We both liked a little bit more of a stripped down, simple set up, and this was real conducive to that,” Ferraro said.

They’re now living in Minneapolis and are engaged to be married. He writes the music and plays guitar, and Prescher adds harmony and hand percussion such as tambourines, shakers or cymbals. Using a steamer trunk that Ferraro stands on to use as a drum, the band offers a unique style and setup.

Ferraro is a web and graphic designer for his day job, and Prescher is part-time PCA, but they’re working toward having music be the biggest part of their lives, hoping it will someday pay the bills.

His job allows Ferraro to work from home or on the road, which has given him the time necessary to not only write music, but record the band’s songs at home with his own equipment. They rely on their fans spreading the word to get their music out there, but Ferraro said websites like Facebook and Twitter have helped, too.

“We have this saying, ‘Spread the Lovely,’” Prescher said. “If our fans like what we’re doing, we ask them for help.”

The Sudden Lovelys have one six-song EP and a full-length album that came out in February, and they’re releasing another two albums later this year. This spring, they did a seven-week tour to Austin, Texas, and played at the South By Southwest Music Festival.

The couple is planning another tour this fall for the West Coast, and an East Coast tour in the spring. They often play individual shows around the Twin Cities and in Duluth, and hope to perform soon in the Cambridge area.

On Aug. 19, The Sudden Lovelys will perform at the Events Center in Kasson, Minn., opening for Bob Wootton, the guitarist for Johnny Cash’s band The Tennessee Three.

“We’re trying to play music as much as we can and get our names out there,” Ferraro said. “We feel alive when we perform, so we’re trying to keep that momentum going. Just playing music can’t pay the bills just yet — eventually the goal is to do it for a living.”

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