Community recognition signs

Dear Editor:

The appearance of a Masonic symbol on the Cambridge Population signs has raised some questions. The following is an explanation of how they appeared.

As you approach many cities there will be a sign board with several community non-profit organizations recognized.  Those signs represent the vitality of the community as well as being an invitation to visitors interested in those organizations to seek more information on them.  Helios Lodge thought it would be a good idea to have such signs at the approaches to Cambridge.

On contacting the Minnesota DOT the Lodge was informed that such recognition signs would be placed on the “population signs” at the city limits with the approval of the community represented.  Helios Lodge appeared before the Cambridge City Council with the proposal and the city formulated a protocol (requirements ) for such signs. The protocol was written and other community organizations were contacted to invite them to participate (Lions, Rotary, K of C,, Chamber, etc) Only one other such organization responded to the city.

Helios Lodge purchased the signs and sent them to the DOT for installation.  This process took over nine months.

I have been disappointed that the other organizations have not thought this a worthwhile thing to do. I hope that the appearance of the Masonic signs will stimulate other community/non-profit groups to contact the city for the placement of their own logo sign that they too may be recognized.

Ralph G. Powell, Worshipful Master
Helios Lodge #273, Cambridge