Start caring about the people in your district

Dear Editor:

I do not appreciate that Senator Nienow and Representative Daudt find it acceptable for me and my family to go without a paycheck during the government shutdown while they continue to received their paychecks for not doing their job and getting a budget deal done.

I am not surprised since Republicans find it acceptable to make cuts that hurt others and as long as their lifestyle is protected. Your decisions are hurting families that have already taken a hit by the poor economy and small business that are struggling to stay a float. Stop protecting the wealthy and big business and start caring about the people in your district. Do your job and do what is right for all Minnesotans not just the select few.

It is ridiculous the fiscal loss that the State is incurring during this shutdown. 1.2 million dollars a day is being lost by the lottery alone. Whatever you feel is going to be gained by this standoff is not worth the cost. As children, we all have learned that is it benefit is less than the cost it is not a wise financial decision. You have shown that you do not know how to manage our state finances and that you are willing to sacrifice low income and middle class families, small business and our great state of Minnesota to stand behind your fiscally irresponsible decisions. I want to work for my paycheck.

Cynthia Lind-Livingston