Isanti County Toward Zero Deaths reminds you to be safe on the roads this summer

July is one of the deadliest times on Minnesota roads. Law enforcement agencies statewide will increase speed patrols and ticket speeding motorists in an effort to save lives. The enforcement will include a focus on aggressive driving behavior, such as tailgating, abrupt lane changes, and red-light running.

Summertime is deadly as more motorists and motorcyclists take to the road. Speeding is a huge factor in crashes during the summertime. Please be patient, give yourself plenty of travel time and don’t put you schedule ahead of safety. Clear roads and blue skies do not mean you can toss safe driving habits out the window. Speed limits are posted for a reason – to reflect the safe speed for the road’s design.

Motorists need to understand that speeding is not an innocent activity. When you speed you have greater potential to lose control of your vehicle; it takes longer to stop; you have less time to avoid a crash. And the faster you drive, the harder you crash, meaning more severe injuries. Crashes affect everyone on the road, not just the speeder.

Costs of speeding violations vary by county, but typically ramp up to at least $120 for traveling 10 miles over the limit. Motorists stopped at 20 miles over the limit face double the fine, and those ticketed traveling more than 100 mph can lose their license for six months.

The Isanti County Toward Zero Deaths program reminds everyone to be safe this summer by driving the speed limit, don’t drink and drive, and buckle up every time.