Disappointed in politicians

Dear Editor:

It is disappointing that the politicians we elected to create jobs have thrown thousands out of work over the issue of an extra tax on 7,700 millionaires in Minnesota.

Yet, Republican Senator Nienow of Cambridge and Republican Representative Kurt Daudt of Crown (representing Cambridge) are still taking their pay. That is hypocritical and arrogant. Their pledge not to raise taxes on the richest Minnesotans was more important than their pledge to create jobs for the middle class. I hope the voters remember this. At least Democrat Governor Mark Dayton isn’t taking his pay.

Howard Lewis

  • Jeffrey Lee

    Howard — Governor Dayton had set his mind to closing down the state — he had no desire to resolve the issue unless he got his tax increases. I support Senator Nienow and and Representative Daudt — they both understood why we elected them — Minnesota has a spending problem. We sent them to St. Paul to cut spending. Unfortunately, in compromising with this tax and spend Governor, spending was not cut — it increased, not as much as the Governor wanted, but more than I would have given in on. I would have pushed a $28 billion budget — a real cut, not just less of an increase than they wanted. Then, after Dayton closes down the state for a couple of weeks, he accepts the same offer that was made before the shut down.

    This Governor got a failing grade in Washington as a Congressman — he is failing as governor as well. Governor Dayton is a good reason to suggest that Minnesota require a candidate to get a majority vote, not just the most votes to govern. We should have had a run off between Emmer and Dayton after eliminating the other candidates.

    While we are at it — The Republican party needs to excommunicate Arnie Carlson. He is no more a Republican than Barak Obama is.