More thoughts on the gay issue

Dear Editor:

In this paper, as well as others, the gay issue has become a hot topic. I watch people on both sides of the issue argue about who is right and who is wrong.

To those of you who are against gay marriage, I would save my breath. You can’t kick a dead horse to get it moving. When you have odds of 51 percent of the people of Minnesota are either gay, or have friends who are gay, or just sympathetic to the gay cause, you are not going to buck those odds.

I thought, myself, that Minnesota for sure would be the first state to start gay marriage. I guess I was wrong. Rest assured, it’s on its way.

It looks like most of the people in the military are behind the new law that allows gays to serve openly. Having been in the army myself, this one gives me the chills.

Someone said gays can’t reproduce so they must recruit. This is not really true. Our liberal court systems have given gays the right to adopt children. So who knows how many of this will play out.

Considering the mess this country is now, I seriously doubt one more mess will really make a difference.

Jerry Wennberg