‘Up North’ book signing at Scout & Morgan

By Greg Hunt

Director, producer and photographer Joe Brandmeier of Minnesota has many talented irons in the fire, one of the latest being releasing a beautiful photo book, Up North: Reflections, Moments and Memories.

Brandmeier returns to wife Joan Steffend’s hometown of Cambridge for a discussion and book signing at Scout & Morgan Books (City Center Marketplace) from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 16.

The 80-page collection crosses a wide swath of scenes, from micro-photo shots of a honey bee on a daisy and a fishing lure’s wet treble hook to wide-angle scenery through the seasons. A variety of animal shots are included, such as a grey-snouted large bear peering down from a tree, white-tailed deer, a majestic bald eagle and a dancing loon.

“This  book keeps me up north, even when I can’t be up north. It’s filled with images I’ve taken from northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, California and Alaska. Moments I’ll never forget, like the black bear 30-feet in a tree making it clear she didn’t want me around her cubs or the endless hours waiting for the just the right light…or any wildlife to come by,” wrote Brandmeier.

The only copy in the book are nature quotes from a multitude of sources, including family members. “The hard edges of life move into softer focus up north,” spoke by Steffend. That remark, printed atop a pic of a snow-lined creek, represents the feel of the book from Tristan Publishing (Golden Valley). You can almost smell the pine sap or the autumn leaves decaying while turning the pages.

Brandmeier’s film and video production had him working with a wide-range of celebrities, among them U2, Wyclef Jean, Garrison Keillor, Prince, Run DMC and Janet Jackson.