Tax the rich

Dear Editor:

A favorite Democrat theme in Minnesota (and nationally) is “tax the rich” and all our economic problems will be solved.  As part of the “tax the rich” program, our Democrat Governor Mark Dayton is proposing to spend hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to build a playground (Viking football stadium) for millionaire athletes to play a boys’ game to profit billionaire owners. This certainly would be an excellent example of taxing the rich for the benefit of the average Minnesotan.

Of course the average Minnesota resident-taxpayers will benefit by being able to pay $100 ticket prices to take their families to Viking games on a regular basis and small businesses would certainly be able to pay the several thousand dollars per game on a regular basis for a skybox to entertain their customers.

It should be quite clear to any thinking Minnesotan that taxing the rich like this is the only way to prosperity for all.

David Greer