Rep. Daudt says the State is capable of producing a balanced budget that funds priorities without increasing taxes

Representative Kurt Daudt
State Representative, District 17A

With only days left before a potential statewide government shutdown, it’s important to remember that the House and Senate have offered Governor Dayton several budget compromises to avoid closing down the state.

While I remain committed to not raising taxes to solve the deficit, we have come to the table with Governor Dayton multiple times in an effort to reach a resolution.

With the largest budget in state history with a six percent increase from last year, Republicans funded veteran’s programs services for the elderly and increased education spending. The most critical component of our budget proposal is the focus on innovation as a practical solution for building a strong future for Minnesota.

We have embraced technology to help streamline the delivery of state services.  In our compromises to Governor Dayton we have matched 100 percent of his requests in the areas of K12 education, courts and public safety. While he rejected this offer without offering his own alternative, we again came back to him with increases in spending in the areas of higher education, transportation and environment. In the spirit of compromise, we made an additional offer of dropping our tax cuts and tax relief in an exchange for the governor dropping his tax increases.

As we move forward it is important to know that we have matched the governor’s funding requests without raising taxes. Minnesota is capable of producing a balanced budget that funds our priorities without increasing taxes. Governor Dayton would have you believe that producing a balanced budget that increases state spending, embraces innovation and strives to build a bright future for our kids is not possible without raising taxes. It is not only possible and it necessary for a successful Minnesota.

In challenging economic times, our budget’s growth of six percent over the next biennium is a reasonable and responsible plan for Minnesota.  Just like Minnesota families, in tough economic times, government must live within its means. In order to get this state’s economy growing again and put the 200,000 unemployed Minnesotans back to work, we must cultivate a business climate that fosters the growth and expansion of high-quality, sustainable jobs. Governor Dayton is choosing to ignore the tough economic climate we face as he looks to grow government at unsustainable rates.

Although Governor Dayton has yet to produce his own, fully balanced budget, I look forward to the opportunity to work together to solve the deficit. It is my firm belief that a government shutdown is unnecessary but Governor Dayton seems intent on doing just that. Minnesota is depending on elected officials to get our job done and I am ready to put Minnesota families and job-creators first.

  • Jack

    Sen. Daudt makes it sound like everybody wins and that nothing was cut to balance the budget. Now tell us what cuts were made and how they are going to effect members of your district. I am sure there are programs that were cut so that other programs could be funded. Explain what programs you felt were not necessary and voted to reduce there funding.

    I also would like to know what happened to the supply and demand theory for economic stability. It does not matter how many tax breaks you give to businesses if no one can afford to buy their products and services, job cannot be created.

  • Bonnie Boese, Cambridge, MN

    I am proud of Governor Dayton for his stand against the systematic draining of the lifeblood of our state economy. I have lived in Iowa and South Dakota. I was happy to move here thirty years ago because I appreciated the proud liberal heritage for which Minnesota was known. I appreciated the commitment to safe roads and bridges, to decent health care for all Minnesotans, to well-qualified and well-trained police and fire departments which understand the importance of treating all citizens with respect, to high quality education available to every young person, and to the maintenance of parks and recreational facilities which encourage us to be healthy. In the past 8 years I have watched our previous governor bleed those resources in the name of fiscal responsibility, while accepting tobacco and other big business money to support his own political agenda.
    I believe that a two party system can provide the very wisest decisions from both parties, but that requires both parties to be committed to working together for the good of all. The current legislature has been taken over by playground bullies who feel that since they have the ball, they have no need to play the game of cooperation for resolutions which meet the needs of all Minnesotans.
    Governor Dayton and a few legislators have set the example of declining to be paid during this time of lay-offs and legislative failure, but many more call for cuts while they continue to swill at the public trough. Like Governor Dayton, I am happy to pay my share of taxes to support the good things we all expect in Minnesota, but I say not one penny more to those who spurn a commitment to maintain the quality of life here. We’ll be watching, Mr. Daudt! The ball is in your court!