Ramsey council member sentenced in November assault

By Rachel Kytonen

A Ramsey public official was found guilty on two counts of 5th degree assault following a jury trial May 11, and was sentenced this week in 10th Judicial District Court in Cambridge.

Jeffrey Lee Wise, 47, of Ramsey, was sentenced by Judge James Dehn to 90 days in jail, with 65 stayed, on Monday, June 27. Twenty-five of those days can be served under Huber/Sentence to Serve. Wise is currently a member of the Ramsey City Council, and can use Huber to attend the city council meetings.

According to the criminal complaint, on Nov. 13, Wise was a passenger in a vehicle getting a ride back to his truck after leaving a local bar, when the victim, seated next to him in the back seat, started smoking. Wise started yelling at her for smoking a cigarette, even though she told him she had received permission from the driver and the front seat passenger of the vehicle.

The victim said after Wise started yelling at her, he knocked the cigarette out of her hand, and into the front seat. Wise elbowed her, knocked the wind out of her and the victim said she couldn’t breathe. The victim said Wise hit her on the back of the head, forehead, jaw and the temple area with his fist.

The driver stopped the vehicle, and the front seat passenger reached for Wise so he would stop hitting the victim. The front seat passenger and Wise then rode in the back of the pickup until they reached the driver’s father’s residence, and law enforcement was called.

The victim stated that she had never met Wise prior to the night of Nov. 13, as she just decided to accept a ride home from her friend. Wise was a friend of her friend’s father.

During the trial, Assistant Isanti County Attorney Dave Kramer presented evidence of photos of the victim’s injuries and presented a $105 receipt from the bar that was paid using Wise’s credit card.

The victim’s friend said on Nov. 13, that she, her father, and her father’s friend Wise, had been deer hunting all day. The victim’s friend said she was the only one who held the gun during deer hunting because her father and Wise had been drinking all day.

An employee of the bar that the group was at before leaving for the evening, told an Isanti County Investigator that she recalled Wise consuming between 6 to 8 drinks, and not ordering any food.

At the June 27 sentencing, Wise was sentenced to one year probation; ordered to undergo a new chemical use assessment and follow the recommendations within 90 days; not to use or posses alcohol, and is subject to random testing; forbidden from testing alcohol as part of his business as a liquor store owner; attend an anger awareness class within 120 days; send an apology letter to the victim; and have no contact with the victim, the bar or its employees, or any of the witnesses.