District 911 approves $58 million budget

By Rachel Kytonen

The Cambridge-Isanti School Board approved the district’s $58,590,409 proposed 2011-2012 budget during its board meeting Thursday, June 23.

Director of Finance Robyn Vosberg-Torgerson presented the budget, and explained the budget is a “road map” or guide for the school operations during the 2011-12 fiscal year. She added it’s very likely modifications and amendments to the budget will be necessary, and administration will propose those changes in the spring.

Vosberg-Torgerson explained approximately 87 percent of the revenue the district receives comes from the state of Minnesota, 4 percent from the federal government, 5 percent from local property taxes and 4 percent from other local sources, such as fees.

Total revenue for the 2011-12 school was approved at $58,590,409 and expenditures at $61,229,119. Budget assumptions for fiscal year 2012, in expenditures, include a 2 percent increase in supplies/operating expenses, $300,000 for three additional bus purchases, $120,000 for three additional bus leases and increases in diesel, gas and snow removal. There are no increases in salaries and benefits for next year.

Vosberg-Torgerson explained budget assumptions for fiscal year 2012, will include a $1,932,750 shortfall, so that amount will be made up by using funds from the unrestricted fund balance. She said even after using the $1,932,750, the district will still meet its fund balance goal, which is reviewed on a bi-annual basis.

The budget was based on an enrollment projection of 5,039 students for the next school year, and Vosberg-Torgerson noted at the end of the current school year its enrollment was 5,021.

As far as open enrollment, fiscal year 2009-10 brought in 336 students into the district, while 278 students enrolled out of the district. Vosberg-Torgerson noted most of the students who enroll into the district come from Braham, and most of the students who enroll out of the district, enroll into the Oakland Area Learning Center. She also noted 28 students who enrolled out of the district attended an online learning school.

Vosberg-Torgerson explained budget assumptions for fiscal year 2012 for revenue include receiving general education funding of $5,000 per pupil, which is a $124 reduction.

ISD 911 funds include general fund, food service, community service, deb service, building construction/Alt Facility, and Trust & Agency, which includes ECMECC, Rum River Special Education Co-op and Oak Land Vocational Co-op.

Total General Fund Revenue for the fiscal year 2012 budget is $40,377,22, a decrease of $1,283,668 from the previous year.


Bluejacket Activities Honors in 2010-11

Athletic and Activities Director Mark Solberg highlighted the numerous honors the district’s athletics and activities earned the past school year.

Solberg explained 19 athletic and activities teams were awarded the 2010-11 section and state academic team championships. Those teams all had a GPA of 3.30 or higher, with 16 having a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

“What you do is an awesome responsibility,” Solberg told the Board. “You provide an opportunity for our students to excel in academics, arts, activities and athletics.”

Solberg noted the softball team won the Mississippi 8 Academic Championship with a 81.17 cumulative class rank, and the boys and girls track and field teams had eight girls and four boys who had a 4.0 GPA for their high school career.

Achieving team academic gold standards of 3.5 GPA or higher this spring were: softball, boys tennis, and boys and girls track and field.

Achieving team academic silver standards of 3.3-3.5 GPA this spring were baseball and boys golf.

Solberg also highlighted all the successes of the other honors and team championships earned by the district this past year.

CIHS non-duplicated counts in athletics (means that if a student plays three sports, they are counted as one):

• Males-392, 52.4 percent

• Females-356, 47.6 percent

• Total non-duplicated participants in athletics at CIHS-748.

As far as total numbers, a total of 871 boys (duplicated number) participated in athletics and activities this past year, and 881 girls (duplicated number), for a total of 1,752 (49.7 percent boys & 50.3 percent girls).

“A very sincere thank you for what you do,” Solberg said. “You never know in education the power of your words…The highlight of every year is graduation. Each student has a story, and that is what makes Cambridge-Isanti special. Each student learns many lessons beyond the school books.”