Compromise is not a four letter word

Dear Editor:

Attention please, all Legislators and Governor Dayton,

The looming government shutdown is a disgrace and disservice to the electorate who put all of you in office. You were sent to St. Paul to do a job, one that you have failed to complete and now the citizens of Minnesota are the pawns in your “game” of stare down. We are the ones who will suffer for your actions or lack thereof. Our system is too partisan in nature that it seems you have forgotten your constituents. You need to compromise and be fair to all Minnesotans.

If the government shuts down we will have no access to many state agencies and needed services such as licenses, health services, recreation sites and many other services we need and deserve. Yes deserve. All you seem to want to do is hire lawyers to argue about what should remain open (which is not much).

My message is grow up and do what is right for the people of Minnesota. Get the job done and then argue about it during the election season and the voters will make their decisions then.

You were elected to do a job, now do it without costing the taxpayers more money than you already have spent on lawyers and mouthpieces trying to put your spin on it. Maybe some of us should file an involuntary bankruptcy petition for the state to keep going…

We deserve better.

Pete M. Brown