We need to start over with the state budget

Dear Editor:

The 2010 election brought much promise to the people of Minnesota that with the state legislators elected and the Republicans taking over the majority in both the MN House and Senate that the budget would be balanced and the amount of spending would decrease. The taxpayers of MN would be able to keep more of their money.

It did not take long for reality to set in. The Republicans who promised to keep the budget at $32 billion came in with both the House and the Senate version of the budget at $34 billion; raising education spending by $1 billion and health and human service spending by $900 million. Governor Mark Dayton came in with his budget at $37 billion. The projected budget deficit is $5 billion. Tom Emmer, 2010 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, said on the radio that you only have a deficit if you spend the money. If $34 billion is the expected to be collected revenue the budget should be $29 billion.

The 2010 budget was $30 billion. Harold Hamilton (watchdog) says $32 billion for 2011 is the compromise. Sue Jeffers, from KTLK FM Radio, says we should scale back to $28 billion. On April 23, she said, “$34 billion is ridiculous and it should be much smaller.”

Both the Democrat and Republican budgets are set too high. So why not have a state government shutdown and start the process over again. The argument goes back and forth about whether or not a shutdown will cost the state too much money or not. We are told a shutdown that will cause mayhem in the streets. I say let the government shutdown and watch the people of Minnesota step up and take care of themselves and their own. The necessity of government is overblown.

Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative, right vs. left, it is all a distraction from the real issue. The MN State Legislators and our Governor think they are better spending our money than we are; we are losing our freedoms in the process.

Paul Bergley