Showing appreciation for Chisago County Sheriff

Dear Editor:

On May 26, Chisago County Sheriff Rick Duncan and his staff hosted their 6th Annual Celebration to honor the volunteers who have been coming to this county jail. They recognized that these men and women have contributed to the improvement of the well being of the people in the jail. As one of the volunteers, I want to thank Sheriff Duncan and his staff for the outstanding appreciation dinner and award ceremony.

It showed us that you care about your volunteers (AA, NA, & several ministries). All of us volunteers felt your appreciation. The staff, including the cooks, did an awesome job in putting everything together. Thank you for the delicious meal.

The sheriff made a comment that the jail population is down (a very good thing). He added “could it be that the jails who allow volunteer programs in could be making a difference in the lives of those incarcerated?” One young man testified that his life was indeed changed because of the volunteers. They cared enough to come in and help him and other inmates get through tough times in their lives.

Delores Mix