Compromise is the answer to passing a state budget

Dear Editor:

I am writing about so many of my conservative friends over the years that have said “that our seniors and people with disabilities should be cared for at home or by our churches.” I wonder how many families and churches are set up for caring for seniors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  We may soon get a chance to see.  If the Republican led legislature doesn’t present a budget to Governor Dayton that he will sign by June 30, State Government will shut down.

Take it from me, who for two years took care of a person living with AIDS. It is most difficult when you are working to provide a home, food and care needed. I wonder how many in the legislature are currently or have taken on this responsibility. It really is not possible.

The Republicans in the House and Senate keep saying government growth, especially in health care, is unsustainable.  What is this government spending? 40 percent of Minnesota State revenues go out to K-12 funding throughout the state, about 10 percent goes to University of Minnesota and Mnscu College System, about 30 percent goes to Health and Human Services which is primarily administered by counties throughout the State. Almost 60 percent of the Health and Human Service budget goes to care for our seniors and people with disabilities in nursing homes and group homes. Do Republicans want to boot these folks out on to the street? Many are already there!  If we are not willing to care for the most vulnerable in our State, who will?  Republican legislatures are playing with peoples lives!  Maybe when you are at church, you can check out how you can provide nursing home services there.

Governor Dayton can’t do the State budget, that is the Legislature’s job; however he must sign it to become law. It is the responsibility of the majority in the legislature to develop a budget that the Governor will sign. Compromise is the answer, and it seems to me that Governor Dayton has done more of the compromising. Please spare us the cost and inconveniences of a special session and layoffs.

For all those who get home health aides, live in nursing homes, group homes or regional treatment centers – I hope these Republicans do their job and present the Governor a budget he will sign before the State shutdown.

Don Quaintance