Race the Rum 5K

A total of 198 runners competed in the annual Race the Rum 5K hosted in Cambridge June 11. Andrew Peltier of Cambridge posted the low overall time of 18:16, with Chad Struss of Cambridge 2nd at 20:23.

Jessica Westman of Braham ran the low women’s time of 23:04, with Rebecca Marshall of Lindstrom 2nd at 23:23.

Race the Rum 2011 results

Men’s Top 10: Andrew Peltier 1st 18:16; Chad Struss 2nd 20:23; Paul Lahr 3rd 20:54; Jesse Haugen 4th 21:35; Winston Wailigora 5th 21:40; Tim Kosel 6th 21:49; John Grund 7th 22:11; Jeff Hartl 8th  22:25; Jesse Jennissen 9th 22:37; Zach Garza 10th 22:45.

Women’s Top 10: Jessica Westman 23:04; Rebecca Marshall 2nd 23:23; Meredith Miller 3rd 23:30; Andrea Wistrcill 4th 23:44; Katie Christy 5th 24:02; Nicki Eckel 6th 24:30; Kim Magaard 7th 24:50; Courtney Sperry 8th 25:02; Andrew Engblom 9th 25:26; Carrie Gibbs 10th 25:33.

* For complete results, click on “Race the Rum 5K” at http://www.cambridge-chamber.com/