Opinion was full of misinformation

Dear Editor:

Rod Bergengren of Cambridge recently wrote an opinion that was full of misinformation. He should have checked his sources more carefully as they failed to meet the test of objectivity. Hopefully the readers of the Isanti County News can see through his misuse of the facts to warp the truth.

He sited a study from Amsterdam that appeared in the journal AIDS. If he had done further research he would have found the study to be flawed and unscientific. He also quoted Daniel Villarreal, and while the quote was correct, Mr. Bergengren should have read the entire original source. He would have understood the point Mr. Villarreal was making. Instead, Mr. Villarreal’s words were taken out of context.

Mr. Bergengren also sited www.conservapedia.com as a source of information. He should have realized that this site contains material that is only one-sided and very anti GLBT everything.

Mr. Bergengren also states that GLBT people cannot reproduce so they must recruit to keep homosexuality going. Most of the people in the human race, if they are healthy, can reproduce. Gay people do not need to recruit. Gay people have been around for as long as history has been recorded. A gay person knows his/her own sexuality as sure as a heterosexual does, and they don’t become a homosexual by recruitment.

Mr. Bergengren also makes a statement concerning indoctrination. Don’t we indoctrinate young people from an early age to help them understand the norms and mores of our culture? There is nothing wrong with helping them to understand that human sexuality exists on a sliding scale from heterosexual to homosexual, and that people fall in all sorts of ranges along that scale. It is important for people to come out of our educational system with an understanding that human sexuality contains many variables.

If two people are in a loving relationship and if they choose to be a family, I do not care what their sexual orientation is as long as they can obtain equal status exactly the same as a heterosexual couple with all the 515 benefits provided by state government.

Gary Skarsten, Braham