House Speaker thanks Rep. Daudt

Dear Editor:

With the end of the 2011 legislative session, I would like to thank State Representative Kurt Daudt for his commitment to building a strong future for Minnesota.

Rep. Daudt fundamentally understands what it means to have government live within its means. Supporting his community by producing a balanced budget that allows schools to thrive, businesses to grown and farmers to do what they do best—farm. With a keen ability to bring forward the voice of his district, Rep. Daudt has shown the leadership skills of a seasoned legislator.

Rep. Daudt supported a balanced budget that increases funding to education by 3.2 percent and provides over $500 million in increased funding to health and human services as well as tax reductions to the middle class and businesses across Minnesota. With a budget of $34 billion and a 6 percent increase in revenue from last biennium we are living within our means, while also reforming government.

As a respected community leader, Rep. Daudt understands the tough economic times that our Minnesota families are facing. Republicans have offered a budget plan that funds our priorities while allowing Minnesotans to keep more their hard earned money.

District 17A has a lot to be proud of with Rep. Daudt representing them.

Speaker Kurt Zellers
MN House of Representatives

  • myjackman

    This letter makes the Republican budget sound like gravy on mash potatoes but we all no there is more to the budget than outlined in this letter. Stop with the spin and do what is best for your constituents as a whole, not just your rich campaign donors. Compromise and prevent a government shut down. Maybe the next letter will outline the cuts that you want made to the poor and elderly and explain truly how it is okay for middle class to pay more than their fair share. You keep taking from the poor and middle class and their won’t be anyone left to buy the products and services from the rich.