Busy summer for Dist. 911 building projects

Bruce Novak
Superintendent, District 911

As usual, summer for the district custodial staff will be a busy time. They will be preparing buildings for the next school year. The first day of school, Sept. 6, is not that far away.

Custodial staff in the district will focus on thorough cleaning of all areas along with necessary maintenance and repair. You will notice several large maintenance projects taking place in the district as well. Community Education and Oakland Area Learning Center will be undergoing extensive work and brought up to required state and local codes.

There will be energy efficient ventilation and heating systems installed along with minor repairs inside. Because of this project, Community Education will be displaced. Offices and programs will remain open. However, they will be located in different areas of the district.

Another long overdue project is the repair to the tennis courts at CIHS. This is a major project requiring replacement of the structural foundation of the tennis courts. Without this repair, the tennis courts would soon be unsafe for use and out of service completely. Once the project is underway, the tennis courts will be out of service most of the summer until the repairs and corrections are complete.

Please note office hours vary across the district during the summer months. Every effort is made to inform and to serve the community to the best of our ability.

Thank you for patience and understanding as we work through and around the maintenance, repair and cleaning schedules throughout the summer months.