Newest City Council member sees potential for Isanti

By Elizabeth Sias

Steve Lundeen wants to look out for the little guy.

When the newest Isanti City Council member decided to run for office, he campaigned on “getting back to the basics.”

“I look out for the common sense of the people,” Lundeen said. “I’m a pretty simple person trying to stick with simple ideologies and make it simple for everyone.”

He ran against two other candidates for the position, which opened after former City Council member Jeff Kolb resigned. Lundeen’s term began in March and runs through December 2012.

The Isanti County native grew up just off of County Road 9. His father, Don Lundeen, owned a business in town called “Don’s Plumbing, Heating, and Rental” in what is now Hardware Hank — a building his father built. He was also the first president of the Isanti Area Chamber of Commerce.

Now 48, Lundeen said he’s lived in the Isanti area his whole life and volunteered as a firefighter for a number of years. He was a plumber in the Twin Cities for 15 years through the Plumbers Local 15 Union, spending the majority of his career working for Metropolitan Mechanical.

After a knee replacement following an injury, however, Lundeen could no longer work, and his plumbing career through the union came to an end in 2006.

He also owned and operated his own business in Isanti called SDL Services LLC, which provided plumbing and heating services for residents of the area.

Since then, he said he’s helped clean up and maintain Hurricane Car Wash in Isanti on a daily basis.

He lives in Isanti with his wife Luann and three stepchildren; a 22-year-old stepson in the National Guard, and two stepdaughters, ages 18 and 19.

In his free time, Lundeen said he enjoys fishing and deer hunting, and also coaches and manages a softball team for the Cambridge-Isanti Softball Association.

As for the City Council, he said his goal is to look out for the residents and taxpayers of the city and avoid raising taxes.

“I look out for the little person — it’s hard to get any projects started when people don’t have much money and people are losing their homes,” he said. “We can’t do things people can’t afford to do right now. I’m not against progress, but I am against spending money people just don’t have.”

Lundeen said he’s looking forward to watching over the city he grew up in. He likes the laid back feeling of the town and being able to run up the street to get something without taking a huge chunk of time out of his day.

“I think Isanti has a lot of potential for growth,” he said. “It’s far enough out of the cities that people can get away from the bustle of the city and live in a rural environment with the amenities of a city.”