Police searching for vandals in Isanti

By Elizabeth Sias

A recent rash of vandalism in Isanti has police officers performing nightly checks of parks and buildings around town.

Graffiti with what Isanti Police Chief Ron Sager said he believes are the initials of the vandal have appeared throughout the city at least five times over the last several weeks.

Curfew for children and teens under 18 is 9 p.m., and Sager encourages residents to report any suspicious activity after dark.

“When things start getting broken and things start getting vandalized, we really do get stricter on the curfew,” he said.

The initials have appeared in spray paint on the outhouse by the ice rink and on a couple signs along Whiskey Road.

Another symbol that appears to be a gang sign is spray painted on a wooden fence on 6th Avenue and Marion Street, but Sager said it has been there for almost a year.

He doesn’t think it’s the actual gang sign, but rather a copycat, noting that those types of symbols haven’t appeared in Isanti for about 10 years.

To narrow down the time frame of when the most recent vandal is out and about, Sager said police officers log dates and times they perform building and park checks.

If the vandal is caught, he or she would be charged with criminal damage to property, with the level of crime correlating with the amount of damage done.

“All the eyes and ears that we can get out there will help, so if you see someone out there in the middle of the night, chances are they’re up to no good, so please report it,” Sager said.

Overall, he said vandalism reports have gone down by 10 percent from last year.