Celebrating service to District 911

The annual District 911 “Staff Recognition Tea” was hosted  May 18 at Cambridge-Isanti High School. At the end of the program, the honored retirees for 2011 were presented with appreciative gifts. Retirees pictured with years of service are (Row 1, l-r): LaDonna Kolstad- CIHS Media Specialist- 32 years; Wendy Isle- CPS Instructional Asst- 17 years; Allison Adkins- CPS Kindergarten Teacher- 41 years; (Row 2) Dale Strike- Transportation- 11 years; Katherine Antilla- IPS Gr. 2 Teacher- 25 years; Mary Kaspar- IMS Food Service Asst- 19 years; Cecilia Lund- IPS Media Specialist- 34 years; Ed Burns- CIHS Industrial Tech Teacher- 32 years.

Not pictured: Mary Ann Osborne- IPS Gr. 2 Teacher- 36 years; Judy Hanson- CPS Gr. 2 Teacher- 34 years; Cheryl Daml- IPS Gr. 1 Teacher- 34 years; Debra Hegquist- IPS/IIS Ph Ed Teacher- 33 years; Ron Larson- IIS Custodian- 25 years; Judy Danielson- IIS Instructional Asst- 20 years.


Recognized for their long “Years of Service” commitment at the Tea were (l-r) Patricia Coleman- 30 years, Cheryl Farquharson- 30 years, Roger Schultz- 30 years, and Dan Johnson- 35 years. Jim Bulera- 35 years- is not pictured.











Hitting 25 years of service to District 911 are (l-r) Jayne Zurn, Julie Wells, Franks Wells, Carol Hazard and Patricia Fenner, along with Carrie Christenson an Mary Nelson.











Isanti County Attorney Jeff Edblad was honored with the “Friend of Education” Award for 2011. Among his contributions are offering a “CSI– Cambridge-Isanti” course for CIHS Social Studies class and teaching a Political Science course at ARCC Cambridge Campus.