The way we see movies has changed over the years

Jack Puterbaugh
Contributing Writer

Today when you want to watch a movie, there are several ways that can be done. The Cambridge theatre has five screens, each showing a different film. Or a movie can be rented and shown on a TV screen. If you get television via a satellite dish movies can be ordered and again shown on TV.  It is also possible to download movies to a computer.

In the past there were far fewer choices. In Cambridge there was the Cozy Theatre with only one screen. The Cozy had a balcony, which afforded somewhat more privacy than the main floor. This was especially nice in the event you were on a date with that “special someone.”

The cost of a ticket to see the movie was thirty-five cents. In the meantime, the cost of a ticket has jumped to $7. On Saturday afternoon there was a matinee that was usually a Western. That showing catered to a younger audience.

If you didn’t like what was showing at the Cozy there was the Park Theatre in Braham. There was another movie that was shown outdoors during the summer months. At an earlier time the stores on Main Street stayed open on Saturday night. That was the time to go to town to shop.

In Isanti, the merchants sponsored an outdoor free movie. That took place where the Isanti City Hall is currently located. The movie would begin after the sun had set and dusk had settled in. That meant you could do the weekly shopping and see a movie on the same trip to town. Over the years the way to see a movie has certainly changed.  Have you upgraded to Blue Ray DVD yet?